Get the government out of our appliances

Energy efficiency means doing the same job with less energy. If performance is degraded then this is energy rationing or restriction, not energy efficiency. DOE has no statutory authorization or mandate to impose energy rationing or restriction on appliances.

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Trump eyes politicized climate, energy budgets

CAFCT policy analyst Larry Bell reports that the Trump Administration is taking serious aim at waste, fake science, and mission creep at the nation's executive branch bureaucracies -- notably the EPA, NASA, NOAA, and the Department of Energy. Politicized climate "research" is being defunded, and the President wants to return NASA to its primary focus on space exploration. There will no longer be wasteful outright grants and unsecured loans to green energy comanies.

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CFACT comments to the Department of Energy on “Ice Breaker” Lake Erie wind project

The 5,000 megawatt wind energy system being discussed for Lake Erie – and even more so, the absurdly ambitious 4,000,000 megawatt wind energy “vision” for U.S. lake and ocean areas – will harm human health and welfare, job creation and preservation, wildlife and environmental quality, while doing nothing to reduce or prevent climate change: manmade, “dangerous” or otherwise.

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