Funding the climate-industrial complex

BY TOM TAMARKIN: Supposedly “green” or “renewable” energy has become a trillion-dollar-plus annual industry that has spawned tens of thousands of new businesses worldwide. The total Climate-Industrial Complex is a $2-trillion-per-year business.

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Green wave staggers U.S. power utilities

Generating utilities are proposing to go way beyond adding capacity. They also want to shut down perfectly good generators, to make room for a huge buildup of wind and solar (plus battery storage). A recipe for disaster.

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Gas price hypocrisy

In 2016, as part of President Obama's last budget proposal, he proposed a per barrel tax on crude oil. Analysts estimated that levy would increase retail gas prices by 25 cents or more. Whom can we trust on energy policy?

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COP 24: CFACT with the gilets jaune

The gilets jaunes (yellow vests) represent a broad cross section of the French working and middle classes.  They are butchers, bakers and automobile makers.  They are the folks who drive the trucks, farm the food, build the buildings and fix what breaks.  They are France.  They have had enough. 

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Starbucks thinks virtue signaling can “save the planet”

Will your Starbucks actually get electricity from wind turbines? Will transmission lines run directly from the turbines to each Starbucks store? If not, how will they separate wind-generated electrons from the renewable-fossil-hydro-nuclear mixture on the regional grid?

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100% renewable deception

There are a number of studies that seem to say that 100% renewables is feasible without filling the world with batteries. How do they do that? It turns out that there are several common tricks.

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Harnessing the power of the stars — Could fusion power the future?

Promising work is being done in fusion that involves accepting the massive heat involved and dealing with it. This is done inside a container called a “tokamak.” This unwieldly acronym is the one to know. It comes from Russian terms that together basically mean doughnut-shaped device that uses magnets to control hot plasma.

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Green energy wave coming in Colorado?

The good news is that the fracking-killing Proposition 112 did not pass, but the bad news is that it got 43% of the votes, which in political terms is a lot. Let-wing politicians see this near victory as a mandate for change. The ugly news is that the new Governor is a radical green and the Democrats now control both houses in the legislature. This likely adds up to a green energy wave coming in Colorado.

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Anti-fracking chaos in Colorado

By David Wojick, Ph.D. The anti-fracking folks are trying a slick new strategy in Colorado. Instead of banning fracking they just make it impossible.

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