Sea level hijinks

The inconvenient fact is that sea level has been rising at a tiny 1 to 3 millimeters per year, as it has since before the industrial revolution with no significant acceleration.

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The UN goal of “stopping” small warming is ridiculous

A major new study says that the cost to meet the UN Paris Agreement's target of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees C is a whopping three times the cost to limit it to 2 degrees. That is a huge cost for a very small difference.

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Avalanches of global warming alarmism

Canadians Dr. Tim Ball and Tom Harris report from Bonn that the IPCC is now resorting to even more spurious "science" than ever in support of its wildly alarmist claims of climate catastrophe around the corner. They cite a vast lack of real-world data to support these claims, noting that there are no weather stations representing about 85% of the Earth's surface area.

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Climate alarmists exploiting hurricanes are misguided

CFACT policy advisor Larry Bell refutes the claims of alarmist activists that hurricanes Harvey and Irma were "enhanced" as a result of climate change -- and shows that the same alarmists had made the same statements in prior years regarding prior hurricanes -- and then there was a 12-year lull.

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