What natural disasters should teach us

Ugandan author Steven Lyazi scoffs at the chiding and covert racism of wealthy environmental advocates who live in luxury but demand a lower quality lifestyle for Africans. He points the finger at the Club of Rome for banning DDT once they realized that Africans not dying from malaria and other diseases would live longer and have more children. His words echo the toothless declarations that sustainable development restrictions should not apply to the very poor.

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Enemies of humanity

Ugandan activist (and student) Steven Lyazi writes passionately that the West is both hypocritical and imperialistic in dictating policies to Africans that were good enough for Western nations half a century ago and could save millions of African lives -- and generate up to $100 billion a year to the Afrcican economiy just from allowing the use of DDT to fight malaria. DDT use reduces death from malaria by 80% or more -- and Lyazi himself is a two-time malaria survivor who notes that most Africans lack the money to pay for the costly, time-consuming treatment for this killer disease that the West eradicated 70 years ago using DDT.

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When will Africa get healthy and prosperous?

A cynical coalition of environmentalists and corrupt dictators and bureaucrats is working overtime to keep most Africans (except themselves) poor and malnourished, without jobs or even access to modern medical care. Steven Lyazi asks when politicians and activists will stop pontificating about saving the environment and start saving the lives of Africa's people?

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DDT still needed to control deadly malaria

Not long ago, a United Nations agency conducted research in Latin America and claimed to have found effective ways to control malaria without the use of DDT. But according to expert analysis by two leading malaria researchers, there were no statistically significant reductions in malaria in demonstration areas that spanned Mexico and seven Central American nations.

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DDT is a potent weapon against malaria

PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA—South Africa is currently a world leader in malaria control and has achieved great success, particularly since reintroducing the use of DDT a number of years ago.I have had an interest in malaria for many years and, a few years ago, I was invited to write a chapter in a book published in London on Third World health. My chapter was on malaria and the wonder chemical DDT. DDT is not at all harmful, as so many activists have claimed.Malaria is both preventable and curable. Had the world invested as much effort into wiping out malaria as has been [...]

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Dog lovers and baby killers

By Cyril BoynesA couple months ago, when its dog-sledding business lost customers, a Canadian company had a hundred of its dogs killed. The incident “shocked” and “angered” people. The employee who shot the dogs said he suffered “post traumatic stress” from killing them and wants compensation.Animal activists used the incident in campaigns against dog sled rides. “I don’t think society is willing to accept that animals should be killed just because they are surplus or don’t suit the purpose they were born for,” said one. “The magnitude of this atrocity is so shocking – our heads are reeling,” another said.Huskies are [...]

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Environmentalist fraud and manslaughter

Many chemotherapy drugs for treating cancer have highly unpleasant side effects – hair loss, vomiting, intense joint pain, liver damage and fetal defects, to name just a few. But anyone trying to ban the drugs would be tarred, feathered and run out of town. And rightly so.The drugs’ benefits vastly outweigh their risks. They save lives. We need to use chemo drugs carefully, but we need to use them.The same commonsense reasoning should apply to the Third World equivalent of chemotherapy drugs: DDT and other insecticides to combat malaria. Up to half a billion people are infected annually by this vicious [...]

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Greens lie, Africans die

By Paul Driessen and Robert NovakFina’s little body shook for hours with teeth-chattering chills. The next day her torment worsened, as nausea and vomiting continued even after there was nothing left in her stomach. Finally, her vomiting ebbed and chills turned to fever, drenching her body in sweat. Then more chills, fevers, nausea, convulsions, and constant, unbearable pain in every muscle, bone and joint.She cried out, and tears mixed with sweat. But no one could help her. She had no money for doctors, medicines or a hospital room. She didn’t even have a mother or father to comfort her. All the [...]

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