Climate Hustle 2 Postponed

When AMC, Regal, Cinemark and others announced that their theaters were going dark for six to twelve weeks to combat the coronavirus, CFACT met with our distribution partner, Fathom Events, and agreed that we had no choice but to postpone.

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#1 best seller!

Marc Morano's The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change is the #1 best-selling environment book on Amazon!

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Canadian rhapsody for “Climate Hustle”

"Do you think the carbon tax is going to reduce global temperatures?" [Laughs] "NO... It's a money transfer scheme, nothing else." Canadians loved "Climate Hustle" in Alberta, they are tired of expensive climate policies that enrich a few and do nothing meaningful for the environment. Get your copy today! Can we control world temperature through taxes, redistribution and regulations? WATCH NOW

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