#1 best seller!

Marc Morano's The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change is the #1 best-selling environment book on Amazon!

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Canadian rhapsody for “Climate Hustle”

"Do you think the carbon tax is going to reduce global temperatures?" [Laughs] "NO... It's a money transfer scheme, nothing else." Canadians loved "Climate Hustle" in Alberta, they are tired of expensive climate policies that enrich a few and do nothing meaningful for the environment. Get your copy today! Can we control world temperature through taxes, redistribution and regulations? WATCH NOW

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On climate, we’re manipulated by sleight of hand

People of the world -- you are being hustled into surrendering your prosperity, your personal freedom, and maybe even your life itself to satisfy the cravings of an elitist few for centralized control over virtually every aspect of human life from the cradle to the grave. Fear mongers have become more crazed than the most dedicated jihadists in their zeal to do away with dissenters from their power grab (done in the name of saving the planet from life-giving carbon dioxide). CFACT's new movie, "Climate Hustle," empowers people to resist these gross acts of domination and stand up for freedom and the American dream of a prosperous future. Let May 2 -- when "Climate Hustle" hits theaters in over 200 American cities (and Toronto, Canada) -- be a day of liberation!

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