Pruitt’s EPA ends “sue and settle” gravy train sham

CFACT policy analyst Larry Bell reports that President Trump's EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has dealt a death blow to the scurrilous practice of the EPA colluding with interest groups to alter public policy through staged litigation that denies opponents of their punitive schemes no opportunity for their own day in court.

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The Sierra Club hates energy

The Sierra Club, notes Alan Caruba, has criticized President Obama for "throwing lifelines to old sources of energy like oil and gas" as part of its campaign to ensure that the President does not slip up and approve construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. They also oppose all fracking to extract natural gas from public lands and laud the shutdown of 153 coal-fired power plants - with many more to come. Sadly, Sierra is lying to its supporters and to itself as it claims that the U.S. can do without all fossil fuel energy and remain a viable nation on the world scene.

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The power-mad EPA

The EPA is a regulatory agency that appears to be consumed by its own lust for increased political power. Take the EPA demand that New York City replace 1,300 fire hydrants because of their lead content. Or their declaring carbon dioxide a pollutant equivalent to sulfur and nitrogen oxides. Or their mercury and air toxics rule, that seeks to purge a portion of the 0.5% of atmospheric mercury and in the process shut down nearly half of the nation's electric power generation.

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My advice to Californians: Get out now!

California does not need any energy but wind and solar! that is the mantra of the people running the Golden State -- and running hundreds of thousands of sane people out of the state every year. The cost of doing business in California today -- thanks to the extreme anti-fossil fuel attitude -- is 30% higher than in neighboring states -- and rising!

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The environmental enemies of energy

If major environmental groups had their way, the U.S. will soon be without half or more of its current electric power generation capacity, the cost of what power was left would rise dramatically, and the poor would be the first to suffer the devastation of extreme poverty. What is astounding is that the very people who will suffer the most are among these groups' strongest supporters (at least via the ballot box).

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Gullible Green sailors trapped in the Arctic

The risks run by the Arctic boaters are obvious. Modern society is running less obvious risks based on the same sort of naïve advice coming from the Sierra Club, Greenpeace, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and a host of like-minded “saviors of the planet.” What about the poor and elderly Britons and Germans who have frozen to death in their homes because they couldn’t afford the higher costs of gas and electricity imposed by “renewable fuels”? What about the millions of Third World mothers and children who die of lung diseases every year as it is politically incorrect to give them access to tiny amounts of kerosene for heating and cooking. The alternative is burning dung and charcoal in indoor, poorly ventilated fires.

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Sierra Club: They’re coming to take our land!

The “century-old” Antiquities Act gives President Obama the authority to designate national monument status even if there’s no actual monument erected. A national monument designation makes the locale off limits to development. President Obama has used this “emergency” designation nine times—six times in the past year. The Sierra Club wants it used more.

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EPA, Greens play a hazy “sue and settle” game

One of the most successful Sue and Settle strategies cited in a U.S. Chamber of Commerce study “… has been on an issue few in Washington or around the nation are paying attention to: regional haze requirements under the Clean Air Act.” The Chamber study's author, William Yeatman, concluded that: “… no state is immune from having its rightful Regional Haze authority trampled by EPA at profound costs for virtually nonexistent benefits.”

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