American climate honesty

In Bonn, official America is reasserting American interests in a low key, but honest way. That's an improvement over what we had under Obama and an example the world should follow.

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Toast to UN climate exit in Germany

Conference-goers are united in their conviction that the UN imposes massive economic and political costs upon developed nations that cannot be justified by the benefits, of which there may be none, flowing from the pact.

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African NGOs want to kick U.S. out of UN climate conference

Expelling the U.S. delegation would be unbelievably disruptive. These are supposed to be delicate diplomatic affairs. There is no provision in the Paris Agreement for this kind of terminal action, or in the underlying UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, which is a duly ratified U.S. treaty. Fun facts: The U.S. pays 22% of the UN budget and 20% of the UN climate process.

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The Climate Empire is striking back!

CFACT is right now sending a crack delegation of climate policy experts to the UN meeting in Bonn. Will you help CFACT break the Green-Left's monopoly on climate and energy policy and set America and the world free?

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