20 great CFACT moments of 2012

In 2012, it seemed CFACT went everywhere, worked flat out and hardly took a breather. Our research was thorough, our spokesmen drove the radicals to distraction, our Collegians kept expanding and it seemed like Climate Depot's Marc Morano lived on television. We aired our 5,000th Just the Facts radio broadcast. We educated, we innovated we reported, we adopted villages, we gathered scientists and scholars and we took the battle to distant shores. When we found closed minds we innovated and even entertained. We put masks on UN delegates to "capture" their CO2. Last year we dropped a British Lord from a plane. This year he flew from a camel. After all, we're CFACT! We'll do anything to share our message of better lives for people and a sparkling clean environment - through freedom. Here are some of our favorite CFACT moments from 2012.

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CFACT’s Sequestration of exhalation masks a hit with UN in Qatar

WATCH NOW "Every human being exhales about 2.5 pounds of CO2 per day and 7 billion people equals 14 billion(ish) pounds of CO2 daily that is exhaled. So this mask would filter CO2 from your breath. Which is kind of cool, because it would reduce your personal carbon footprint on the earth." Would you be willing to wear that for a few hours a day? While you sleep? How about your children? Pets?

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Morano debunks extreme weather climate propaganda

Campaigners are using natural disasters for climate propaganda as UN climate talks kick off in Qatar. Using storms as a poster child for global warming is completely devoid of science, explains Marc Morano of CFACT's Climate Depot. "This has now reached the level of the Mayan calendar and Nostradamus."

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Morano: Celebrate carbon energy, not the darkness!

CFACT's Marc Morano is a regular guest on "The Source," hosted by Ezra Levant on Canada's Sun News channel.  This time, Morano was asked to comment on "Earth Hour," a time when some environmental groups want all of us to turn off the lights and, as Morano says, "celebrate the darkness."  Morano explained to Levant that  the Obama Administration "wants to make affordable energy, more expensive," and they are taking significant action to ensure that energy costs continue to soar.  Some excerpts from his comments: "They are banning coal plants. One of the most moral [energy] choices we have is coal fired power in the [...]

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The Keystone Kibosh: Marc Morano on Canadian TV

[March 9, 2012]  In the wake of  President Obama's decision to block construction of the Keystone XL pipeline to bring Canadian crude oil to refineries in Texas and Louisiana, Jerry Agar of Sun News (Canada) interviewed CFACT Communications Director Marc Morano.  Morano, who launched the Climate Depot website in 2009 and is a key player in CFACT's new "Real Energy, Not Green Energy" campaign, says the President is merely fulfilling his own promise to eliminate the use of carbon-based fuels in the United States that started with the cancellation of oil leases in Colorado, seized upon the Deepwater Horizon oil spill to cripple [...]

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Morano debunks Chevy Volt Super Bowl ad with aliens

Morano: "Ad is an insult to space aliens. Why would space aliens be impressed with a car that already had the same results in 1896? The 1896 Roberts electric car got the exact same battery range as the Chevy volt -- 40 miles. If people are sober, they are not going to be swayed by this [Volt] ad. With all the govt mandates and subsidies, this is what is known as a huge government boondoggle."

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Morano on Canadian TV: Fighting climate billionaires

CFACT's Marc Morano, editor of the Climate Depot news and information service, appeared on the Canadian TV program, "The Source with Ezra Levant," on February 1 to discuss how rich foreigners spend huge sums of money to oppose cheap energy. The Rockefellers, Levant notes, spend $7 million a year just in Canada to fund legal challenges to development.

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