White House turns up heat on climate alarm

In the face of public ennui toward 'climate change,' the Obama Administration is making one last push (or putsch) to flood crony corporatists with climate cash. As Larry Bell concludes, "Don’t expect any good news so long as many billions of taxpayer dollars reward agenda-driven political science fear mongering."

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America blighted by industrial wind

The folly of industrial wind is nowhere more evident than in New York State, which for decades has gotten half of its electricity from clean nuclear plants and hydroelectric (dams). Thus, the $176 billion in wind subsidies (for which the wind companies spend $20 million a year on lobbying) is in reality a means to support the Ponzi scheme that enriches Big Wind, Big Banks, and Big Politicians. It is time to turn off the fan.

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Courts tackling Clean Water Act abuses

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled unanimously that the North Dakota-based Hawkes Co., which had planned to mine peat from property in Minnesota, could challenge in court a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Army Corps) ruling declaring the property counted as “regulated wetlands” without first having to go through the costly process necessary to obtain a permit to disturb wetlands.

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Fuel me or fool me

Climate alarmists cannot separate human influences from natural causes for any recent changes. They do not know how much Earth will warm by 2100. They cannot say at what point further warming will be “dangerous” – or for which plant, wildlife, or human populations. They admit that slashing America’s fossil fuel use will reduce global warming by only a few hundredths of one degree (assuming CO2 drives climate change), especially if most countries continue burning coal, oil and natural gas.

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May free speech reign and scientific inquiry prevail

It never ceases to amaze! Leftist attorneys general - all likely members of the American Civil Liberties Union - have conspired to deprive climate skeptics of their freedom of speech -- and freedom to challenge the unproven (and often disproven) claims of "climate change" (formerly known as "global warming") activists (who openly admit that gaining total control over the world economy, NOT fixing the climate, is their true goal). The obvious reason? People are wise enough to believe the skeptics that their climate overlords are liars, and the truth cannot get in the way of their unprecedented power grab.

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Brexit for America

The American people need a divorce from the elitist statists who have been running the United States without regard to law, due process. the entire Bill of Rights, and even the Supreme Court. But will they have the stamina and courage to break the chains that bind them to the elites? The future of human freedom everywhere hangs in the balance.

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New Interior Department rules expected to curtail Gulf oil production

According to consulting firm Wood Mackenzie, new Obama Interior Department regulations will bring about a 70% decline in energy exploration over the next 20 years and a loss of up to 190,000 jobs. The egghead rules will also likely jeopardize safety at drilling sites, both because rock formations cannot handle the volume of fluids required by the rule and because shifting the primary monitoring responsibility from on-site engineers to onshore electronic observers will delay the discovery of problems and lengthen response times.

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Billionaire’s Club funds climate crisis propaganda

An elite club of old and new money billionaires has created a subterranean, interlocking network of nonprofit organizations, foundations, and government bureaucrats to control both the funding and the "spin" on high-level environmental topics, including climate change. Even if they do not succeed in shutting down the energy industry (and more), their efforts provide a stiff headwind against human progress.

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Ben Rhodes spins climate change

The entire climate agenda is lunacy until you realize that this is not science but a power play to increase government control over more and more aspects of the lives of ordinary citizens. The brain-dead who only parrot what they have been told by media minions cannot be persuaded through sound argument that their beliefs are in error -- so strong is the mind control that punishes dissent. Yet, despite all of this, the truth is beginning to win the day.

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Real world energy and climate

Weather Channel founder John Coleman has a lot to say about debunking or just ignoring the wild claims of environmentalists -- and instead enjoying the real benefits that our civilization has brought us and the many more that will emerge over time -- that will do much more to improve our environment than curbing life-giving carbon dioxide.

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“Climate Hustle” demolishes climate alarmism

Without presenting it to the U.S. Senate, as required by the Constitution, President Obama has signed the Paris climate treaty. He is already using it to further obligate the United States to slash its fossil fuel use, carbon dioxide emissions, and economic growth … control our lives, livelihoods, living standards, and liberties … and redistribute our wealth. Poor, minority, and working class families will suffer most. China, India, and other "developing" economies are under no such obligation, unless and until it is in their interest to do so. For them, compliance is voluntary – and they cannot afford to eliminate the [...]

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