Obama’s China climate deal is a manmade disaster

CFACT advisor Larry Bell says that the "deal" that President Obama struck with Chinese Supreme Leader Xi Jinping is a manmade disaster that "trades away near-term U.S. energy security and prosperity for vague and distant promises." Rather than historic, the China climate pact is more accurately described as histrionic. The Chinese agree to do nothing they were not already planning -- cutting air pollution by 2030 to address serious human health issues there. The U.S., by contrast, agrees to double the speed of its transition away from fossil fuels -- at a huge cost to U.S. jobs and the U.S. economy.

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Boycotting the UN climate summit

Countries like India and China are boycotting the UN's climate conference in New York largely because the UN is much more interested in justifying its fear-mongering than in solving the real-world problems facing developing nations today. The sacrosanct UN models are unreliable, even dead wrong, and yet the UN continues to impose severe restrictions on development that is not tied to so-called renewable energy with little concern over the near-term health and welfare of hundreds of millions of people living without electricity, running water, or other amenities that most Westerners take for granted.

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Morano spars with Chinese TV host

WATCH NOW "You used the word ‘facts’ earlier, I hope you are not using that now. Every bad weather event is now proof of global warming? There is no way to falsify the AGW theory...We are actually going through the longest period, no category 3 or larger hurricane hitting the U.S. since 2005."

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Obama’s war on America Killing coal to kill U.S. electrical power

The presumption that carbon dioxide emissions from coal-fired power plants are so dangerous that we have to shut them all down to save the planet is ludicrous, says Alan Caruba. Citing CFACT advisor Bonner Cohen's data, Caruba notes that jhuman activity accounts for just 4% of worldwide atmospheric CO2, and the U.S. contribution to that total is dwarfed by emissions from new power plants in China and India. Six unions have joined with CFACT to fight these rules, which threaten 37% of the current U.S. electricity market that relies on coal.

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China: superpower climate rent-seeker?

Is China using climate change to con the United States and its allies? As the UN climate conference meets in Bonn and President's Obama and Xi meet in California, the U.S. should soberly evaluate any Chinese proposals by recognizing that China's aims are simple – to advance its own national interests while weakening its competitors. Barack Obama will find that China will eagerly shorten its journey toward becoming the world's other superpower by indulging in environmental rent-seeking on a superpower scale.

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Chinese air episode exposes EPA fraud on PM 2.5 levels

EPA claims that fine particulate matter at levels above 12 micrograms per cubic meter kills people within hours and causes a quarter of all U.S. deaths, but during a recent episode in China when fine PM levels were 89 times higher than the EPA standard, the only deaths attributed to the episode were from traffic accidents due to poor visibility. EPA is using this fraud to shut down coal power plants, creating higher energy costs that really do cause premature deaths among America's poor.

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