Santa Claus has come to town, including hopefully your town, this Christmas. With his work done for the year, he and Mrs. Claus, the reindeer and the elves, can relax for a while – but only for a short while. The lifestyles of Santa and crew at the North Pole may be changing since the climate is changing!

If we believe the extreme climate computer simulations beloved by the incoming Biden administration, Green interest groups, the supplicant media and popular culture, Santa and crew should feel anxious with the rest of us. The lives they’ve known at the North Pole may never be the same in just a few years when the planet supposedly reaches the climate “tipping point,” the polar ice caps melt, the oceans flood, and we pass the “point of no return.”

As global warming (aka, climate change) locks in by 2030 or 2040 (whatever), Santa’s wardrobe will be overkill. Gone will be the furry, heavy red coat and hat with white pom-pom.

Climate change passed the point of no return also will mean Santa’s sleigh will become a useless relic; a museum piece for the Smithsonian as a reminder of a bygone era when North Pole snow was commonplace. Reindeer, along with “millions” of species, may not survive. An electric-powered, multi-wheeled “sleigh” just won’t have the same look and feel, but will become mandated, since fossil fuel will be contraband.

Songs like “White Christmas” will become head-scratchers, absent archival research or sufficient Google algorithms to discern the meaning that Bing Crosby once famously crooned.

Christmas itself may never be the same in our climate changing, overheating world.

Now, if all this seems silly and unserious, it is actually quite modest and sober compared to the absurd rhetoric and computerized predictions about climate change coming from politicians and activists.

People such as Al Gore, Leonardo DiCaprio, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Bernie Sanders, Prince Charles, and the next President and Vice President of the United States insist that climate change is an existential threat to human life. Santa Claus and humanity writ large can survive a world bereft of snow; but, the impact of climate change will be worse, they tell us, if the average global temperature increases by a degree or two, decades from now.

If the actions of many politicians to the Covid-19 pandemic tell us anything, “science and data” have not informed, much less justified, destroying millions of peoples’ economic lives. Yet politicians and media influencers, who sacrifice nothing, have demanded conformity to their capricious, tyrannical lockdowns for “public health” that have not, and will not, mitigate the coronavirus.

Similarly, science and data show a slightly warming planet since the mid to late 1800s, with the warmest period occurring in the 1930s. It was warmer still in previous centuries between little ice ages. Humanity survived, and is increasingly thriving well into the 21st century.

Yet many politicians screech climate alarmism to attain more power and control to spend trillions of tax dollars, order our economic livelihoods, and deny us God-given rights and freedoms. This would have been gross embellishment a generation ago, but not today.

The latest example comes from an obscure U.S. senator named Jeff Merkley from the state Oregon. Earlier this week, he wrote that Joe Biden, as President, should declare a “national climate emergency and [use] emergency powers to take unilateral executive action” to deal with the climate “crisis.” This would “send a powerful signal,” (as if that were an end itself) and prevent a “deluge of storms and extreme weather events.” Such dictatorial action also somehow would create millions of jobs, slash pollution and safeguard communities, Sen. Merkley assured us. No worries.

Sen. Merkley’s rant provided no scientific evidence for any of his catastrophic assertions, which is typical. We are suppose to accept reticently this hysteria as gospel, and jettison the Constitution, the legislative branch, and the democratic process they enshrine for an alleged “climate emergency.” Scores of climate interest groups have taken this extreme position, which further explains the senator’s pandering.

Sen. Merkley is not a fringe politician or cable news crackpot. He reflects his fellow Democratic senators whose climate agenda and undemocratic means to impose it have become mainstream thinking in their political circles.

If the governing class and influencers convince enough of us that our lives or our children’s are at grave risk from man-made climate change imperiling a four billion-year old planet, and that they can change the weather to save us, then it won’t take long before we acquiesce like sheep to their dictates and forfeit our freedoms and livelihoods.

Which brings us back to Santa Claus. If his sleigh, wardrobe and much else became impractical from a changing climate, he would adapt. Humanity has done so in response to the vicissitudes of climate through the millennia, and will continue the same, made especially easier with ongoing technological advances.

In the meantime, evidence shows coastal communities will not be flooded, and polar ice will continue to accumulate and recede when seasons change, as they have always done.

So, Merry Christmas to all, and many more white Christmases to come.


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