Absurd “loss & damage” policy advances at UN’s Bonn climate summit

Loss and damage is diplomatic code for the idea that the developed countries, especially America, should pay the developing countries for the bad things that they attribute to climate change. This includes pretty much all bad weather, plus the supposed effects of sea level rise, and who knows what else.

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UN indoctrination at WUF9

No one's solutions at the UN conference in Kuala Lumpur appear to include free markets, individual liberty or natinal sovereignty. These are the wellsprings of the kind of prosperity that is truly sustainable. The UN has it backwards.

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Youth, migration indoctrination and control at UN World Urban Forum 9

During a session entitled, “One Planet Cities” a speaker from Denmark proudly explained how important youth are to the NUA. He said, “we’ve been educating our children for the last 25 years on anthropogenic global warming” and since many are now adults “they are actively implementing policies to combat Climate Change.”

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Ukraine proposes giving the UN climate octopus more tentacles

Major changes in UN structure take a long time but they have to start somewhere. At last week's UN climate summit the Ukraine floated a truly radical proposal. It amounts to making parties other than countries official members of the climate club. The parties in question include corporations and political entities like US states and cities, perhaps even NGOs like Greenpeace. The goal is the get as many heavyweights onto the official green team as possible.

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Diesel powered electric cars at the UN climate conference

CFACT jumped in a complimentary electric car at the UN climate conference to move between the official negotiating zone and the NGO zone. Our driver told us he hates the electric car,because its limited range makes it next to useless for a professional taxi driver.

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