Virginia Supreme Court upholds property rights, deals severe blow to land trusts

In a landmark decision that is as uplifting for property rights advocates as it is devastating for land trusts throughout the United States, the Virginia Supreme Court on February 12 overwhelmingly ruled in favor of a small Loudoun County winery in its multi-year battle with one of the nation’s most powerful environmental groups. By a 5-2 margin, the Virginia Supremes upheld a lower court decision that Chrysalis Vineyards’ plans to upgrade its facilities did not violate the terms of a conservation easement on the property held by Wetlands America Trust (WAT), on behalf of Ducks Unlimited (DU).  The case, Wetlands America [...]

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CFACT working for student rights

Remember Melissa Click? She's the communications professor infamously captured on video shouting, “Hey, who wants to help me get this reporter out of here! I need some muscle over here!” Intolerance like Click's on campus cannot stand. CFACT is getting behind the Chicago declaration of student rights and using our Collegians network to bring it to students, faculty, administrators, trustees and alumni everywhere.

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Bob Carter — Champion of science and friend

Respected climatologist Bob Carter has died at 74 years of age. Bob worked in paleoclimatology, the study of past climate. His knowledge in this field informed his conclusion that scientific data does not support the UN's claims of catastrophic man-made global warming. He will be dearly missed.

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We stand with Paris

We stand with Paris. You have our hopes, thoughts and prayers on this tragic Friday the thirteenth. CFACT will be in Paris for the UN climate conference which opens November 30th. There will be much to debate. Today, we stand together.

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Obama rejects Keystone XL

After years of deliberate delays President Obama rejected the Keystone XL pipeline today. This is a victory for radical environmentalists and those who wish America ill. It is a punch in the face to everyone else.

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