Bush agencies got it right on EPA

Larry Bell recalls what Bush Administration officials said would happen if the Clean Air Act were extended to incorporate regulation of carbon dioxide -- and none of it was good. In the words of CEQ chair James Connaughton, the “case-by-case application of old regulations to an entirely new set of circumstances and parties foreshadows unrelenting confusion, conflicts over compliance, and decades-long litigation windfall for attorneys, consultants, and activists, as communities and the courts strive to sort it all out.”

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SCOTUS review of EPA’s “Timing Rule” could deflate regulatory overreach

Presumably, the Supreme Court agreed to reconsider EPA's Timing Rule, which regulates stationary sources of greenhouse gases, because EPA then promulated its Tailoring Rule, under which by its own (quite possibly unlawful) authority EPA limited the Timing Rule's purview to large stationary sources and thus made greenhouse gases a different class of criteria pollutant than the ones initially regulated under the Clean Air Act. But what if the Court upholds the Timing Rule and strikes the Tailoring Rule? Would the nation stand for an EPA with an extra 230,000 soldiers in its army?

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New EPA rules will raise electricity rates

Paul Driessen, with the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow, submits comments to the Federal Government in response to the Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPR) on Regulating Greenhouse Gases under the Clean Air Act (CAA), issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and published in the Federal Register on July 30, 2008. Based on its careful analysis of this ANPR and its likely impacts on American businesses, jobs, minorities, low and fixed income families, and others, the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow concludes that EPA should not make an endangerment finding or promulgate these proposed rules. Such an action would have [...]

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