“The Uncertainty Has Settled”

CFACT highly recommends showing this film to friends and neighbors. Marijm Poels is an honest man. The kind of person who can bring reconciliation through exposing the truth for all to see. We salute this work.

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Environmentalist insurance policies

Many liberals went into denial, outrage, and riot mode after November 8. Now they’re having meltdown over President-Elect Donald Trump’s cabinet nominees with climate and environmental responsibilities. Former Texas Governor Rick Perry at Energy, Oklahoma AG Scott Pruitt for EPA, Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions for Attorney General, ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson at State, Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke at Interior. As Department of Agriculture secretary, and multiple assistant, deputy assistant, and other senior level positions are filled, the meltdown will likely raise sea levels by several feet. It’s even worse than “white supremacists” and “Russian hackers” rigging and stealing the election. Having [...]

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Brexit borrows July 4th significance

Americans from all fifty states have an opportunity in November to follow the lead of their British cousins and vote against an aggressive, unaccountable centralized regulatory government whose diktats appear to be focused on the assertion of power rather than on improving the environment, the economy, or any other claimed societal ill. They also have a chance to slow or reverse immigration and jobs policies that cause direct harm to American workers, instead favoring legal and illegal immigrants who are beholden to the anti-liberty central government for their good fortune.

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Graduates face a big challenge

As they don caps and gowns, endure commencement speeches, and take their diplomas, many high school and college graduates face bleak prospects in an economy that grew a dismal 0.5% the first quarter. The United States added a meager 160,000 new non-farm jobs in April, a paltry 4,000 of them in manufacturing. First quarter 2016 averaged just 203,000 jobs per month. The labor force participation rate remains stuck at an abysmal 63% – meaning 93 million working age Americans are still unemployed. Many who are working hold multiple jobs to make ends meet, while others are toiling at temporary, part-time or [...]

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2016 will influence climate debate outcome

The only real "change" that President Obama actually intends to accomplish under his climate change agenda is the destruction of the oil and gas, coal, and nuclear industries and any other related industries (chemicals, for one) that rely on these products. That, along with adding another half a million to a million people to the unemployment rolls (or rather, the never again to be employed rolls).

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Obama Administration kicks the oil-and-gas industry while it is down

Just as the glut of oil on the world market has prompted Saudi Arabia to pump out even more oil at cheap prices (for up to 5 years, the Saudis say -- as long as it takes to crush the U.S. shale industry -- the Obama Administration wants to impose harsh new resrictions on oil and gas companies. A better recipe could not be found for decimating the U.S. economy, killing jobs, and ceding control over world oil prices and demand to the Saudis and their OPEC cronies.

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New EPA ozone rules could shutter businesses

Once again, the EPA is emerging as a chief jobs killer for the Obama Administration (which apparently wants most Americans unemployed and dependent upon government for their very existence). The proposed new ground-level ozone standard -- whether it is 60, 65, or even 70 parts per billion, will kill jobs, weaken our national and local economies -- and increase the power of the Executive Branch to rule as a dictatorship.

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Job creators sue the federal government over “sue and settle”

For years environmentalists have usurped individual private property rights and thwarted economic development. Now, thanks to Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, it appears that the job creators may have finally learned something from the extreme tactics of groups, like the Wild Earth Guardians and the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD), which have been using the courts to their advantage by filing lawsuits against the federal government.

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Build the Keystone pipeline, already!

CFACT Senior Policy Analyst Paul Driessen suggests that President Obama's State of the Union address -- in particular, his promise to bring back jobs -- will be meaningless, bloviating nonsense if he does not approve construction of the Keystone Pipeline -- the nation's number one shovel-ready project. The State Department has once again given the pipeline project a green light -- and all but the Greens are on board. It's time to put up or shut up talking about helping the U.S. economy.

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America in lockdown

CFACT Senior Advisor Paul Driessen documents how the Obama Administration has put the lid on economic growth by locking down oil and gas and minerals production on federal lands and watyers, then imposing heavy burdens on existing and planned operations -- all the while promising jobs creation only through federal subaidies for so-called "clean" energy that in fact has its own downsides (dead eagles and other birds, the need for rare-earth minerals that must come from China since he has locked down U.S. deposits from production, etc.). Moreover, his EPA is on a mad mission to control nearly every aspect of American society. Things must change if the youth of America can rekindle real (rather than false) hope for their future.

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Studies show Green jobs destroy real jobs

In recent years, a number of politicians have been promoting the notion of Green jobs to help resuscitate our economy. And while it may sound appealing, the real-world experience of nations subsidizing environmental projects to reduce unemployment hasn’t fared very well.

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