Absurd “loss & damage” policy advances at UN’s Bonn climate summit

Loss and damage is diplomatic code for the idea that the developed countries, especially America, should pay the developing countries for the bad things that they attribute to climate change. This includes pretty much all bad weather, plus the supposed effects of sea level rise, and who knows what else.

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WALKOUT! 132 nations led by China walk out of COP 19 over “loss and damage”

China has led a COP 19 walkout by a bloc of 132 developing nations over the "loss and damage," issue bringing one track of the UN climate change summit to a screeching halt. Loss and damage refers to the concept of legal liability on the part of developed nations for natural disasters and other problems experienced by developing nations.  Extensive CFACT coverage of loss and damage here. The hunger strike by Philippine negotiator Yeb Sano over Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda has continued through its tenth day.  Sano's hunger strike has been the most dramatic moment of these negotiations.  Climate campaigners have seized upon [...]

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