COP 19: The Left walks out on the climate talks

Denied instant gratification of their global warming dreams of redistribution, up to 800 members of extreme enviro-left nongovernmental organizations walked out of COP 19, the UN climate summit in Warsaw, Poland. The Left may have left the stadium, but are still very much in the game.

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Poland recognizes the real global warming agenda

One might say that the good people of Warsaw are Poles apart from the UN's view of fossil fuels, which amounts to an outright condemnation of coal and suspicion of oil and natural gas. CFACT President got perhaps the warmest reception of his life when he spoke at a Polish independence day celebration that was also broadcast live to millions more on Polish national television. His message was simple: the UN's clearly stated goal is worldwide wealth redistribution and a UN-headed global government -- and the war on carbon is not about a cleaner environment or a more prosperous society at all.

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COP 19: Climate carnival of comedy

As COP 19 participants continued haggling over the meaning of “consensus” and which pockets were the best ones to pick for the “Green Climate Fund,” 150 or so officials delegates and representatives from NGO’s and media crammed into a side event sponsored by the always entertaining Gaia Foundation.

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Poland saying “Nie” to Green demands

You've heard us say the UN's decision to have a climate conference in Poland was a big mistake. Poland is not only a nation highly skeptical of climate alarmism, but also one that is supportive and heavily reliant on coal and fossil fuels. Poland was probably not going to offer them the reception they were looking for. Now it appears some Greens are coming to a similar conclusion.

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