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  • Massive carbon fraud cost Germany €850 million

    “Fictitious trades, fictitious companies, bogus addresses” The Süddeutschen Zeitung reports that German fraud investigators have found that €850 million fell off the table when shady companies swarmed into the carbon trading, emissions and energy business.  The criminal companies rake in tens to hundreds of millions, fend off regulators with delaying tactics and then announce bankruptcy […]

  • Energy Commissioner: “process of de-industrialization in full swing”

    German electricity prices a barrier to business EU Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger has told the German government that its taxes and fees on electricity have doubled since 1998, now stand at 41 percent and will continue to increase due to subsidies for alternative energy.  Oettinger warned that this has moved the gradual process of de-industrialization […]

  • Helumut Schmidt calls for scientific scrutiny of the IPCC

    If they’ve lost the old guard of the SPD, who’s left? In a recent speech the former German Chancellor and Socialist leader said that he was concerned, “by the phenomenon of global warming and its alleged consequences. We know that there have always been naturally occurring ice ages and warm periods; what we don’t know is […]

  • No more reliable power grid for the UK?

    Electricity consumers in the UK will need to get used to flicking the switch and finding the power unavailable, according to Steve Holliday, CEO of National Grid, the country’s grid operator. Because of a six-fold increase in wind generation, which won’t be available when the wind doesn’t blow, “The grid is going to be a […]

  • EU Energy Orwellianism: Ignorance Is Strength

    CARLO STAGNARO In George Orwell’s masterpiece, 1984, one slogan of the party dominating Britain was: “Ignorance Is Strength.” It actually meant that the ignorance of the people is the strength of the government: if people do not know things, or do not have the information to make informed decisions, they are like subjects, not free citizens. Something […]

  • Guardian exploits AZ shooting, calls climate realists “Nazis”

    Damian Carrington of The Guardian saw the shootings in Tucson Arizona as a ripe opportunity to score points in the global warming debate, even going so far as to label those he disagrees with “climate Nazis‘ which apparently includes CFACT’s Climate Depot. It now appears that just as any weather event, hot, cold, extreme, or […]

  • A step-change in Earth’s climate outlook?

    As Britain suffers through its third straight harsh winter, a British watchdog group is calling for an inquiry into the failed recent long-range weather forecasts of the British Meteorological Office.


    The Met Office has long one of the leading promoters of man-made warming fears and therefore has tended to see warming around every corner.

    Dr. Benny Peiser of the Global Warming Policy Foundation says, “The current winter fiasco is no longer a joke, as the economic damage to the British economy as a result of the country’s ill-preparedness . . . could reach $15 billion.”

    The Met Office informed the government this summer that there was only a small chance of a severe winter in 2010/11, especially in the midst of a long global warming trend. Now, however, thousands of weary travelers have been stranded in European airports, while highway crews have lacked the sand and salt to keep the roads safe.

    “The key question is,” says British Transport Minister Philip Hammond, ammond“if there was a ‘step change’ in the UK weather, what would it look like?  The answer is, of course, it would look like what we have seen in recent years. Hence there is no logical case to say there hasn’t been a step change.”

    Meanwhile, Dr. Syun-Ichi Akasofu  of the University of Alaska has published a paper in Natural Science saying that since 1850 the earth has been recovering from the Little Ice Age—and that this natural recovery is still continuing at about 0.5 degree per century. Ice cores and seabed sediments show this moderate, natural 1,500-year cycle has been occurring for the last million years. The Modern Warming is likely to be about as warm eventually as the Medieval Warming that blessed the earth with sunny growing seasons from 950–1300 AD.

    At the same time, however, Dr. Akasofu has identified a 50–60 year sub-cycle driven by Pacific Ocean temperatures, which shifted to cool in 1940, to warm in 1976, and back to cool again as of 2000. He is predicting another 20 years of modest cooling for earth before the longer warming trend reasserts itself.

    Back in Britain, the natives are growing restless about the failed “official” long-term weather forecasts.

  • CFACT video links climate conferences in Berlin & Cancun. Dr. Spencer joins from Alabama

    CFACT recently created a live video conference which linked our climate conference in Berlin to the UN conference in Cancun and Professor Roy Spencer in Huntsville, Alabama.  Lord Christopher Monckton and CFACT Executive Director Craig Rucker reported from Cancun.  Participants in the Berlin conference, which CFACT co-sponsored with EIKE and other groups, have since described […]

  • Global Yinyang: Lack of snow proves warming — as does prolific snow

    Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past CHARLES ONIANS (Couldn’t be The Onion?) Monday, 20 March 2000 Britain’s winter ends tomorrow with further indications of a striking environmental change: snow is starting to disappear from our lives. Sledges, snowmen, snowballs and the excitement of waking to find that the stuff has settled outside […]

  • Extreme weather is natural

    The Daily Mail reports that the jet stream is causing Europe’s paralyzing cold snap. This year a high-pressure weather system over the Atlantic is blocking the jet stream’s normal path and forcing it to the north and south of Europe. The areas of high pressure act like stones in a stream – blocking the normal […]

  • The climate bugaboo is the strangest intellectual aberration of our age

    LORD CHRISTOPHER MONCKTON But don’t you realise,” said the bearded, staring enviro-zomb with the regrettable T-shirt, “that global cooling is what we must expect because of global warming?” “Don’t you realise,” I replied, “how silly that sounds? The lowest temperatures ever recorded here in Cancun six days in a row; four extreme winters on the […]

  • 2010: Another record breaking winter. So what happened to global warming?

    Weather isn’t climate, but after all the hot days falsely attributed to warming, record cold is inconvenient for the warming scam By 21st Century Wire By Patrick Henningsen 21st Century Wire Green News Dec 18, 2010 Britain and Europe have been hit hard for the third straight record-breaking winter season. Labeled by experts as the […]

  • Cancun, etc.

    HANS LABOHM (Amsterdam)

    The Cancun climate conference was much like Copenhagen.  The Cancun mountain gave birth to less than a mouse. But global warmers will persevere. They will continue their quest for the Holy Grail of legally binding CO2 reductions … ad infinitum. It is like the proverbial irresistible force colliding with an immovable object. Next stop will be South Africa.

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  • Memo to America: Don’t do carbon trading!

    The United States must learn from Europe’s mistakes – not repeat them ROGER HELMER, MEP Senator Harry Reid has repeatedly denounced opposition to carbon trading as “dangerous.” Senator Reid is wrong. It is the House and Senate climate and renewable energy bills that are dangerous. Fortunately, the recent elections and the ongoing dissension at the […]