Our next energy and security crisis?

Oil and natural gas aren’t just fuels. They supply building blocks for pharmaceuticals; plastics in vehicle bodies, athletic helmets, and numerous other products; and complex composites in solar panels and wind turbine blades and nacelles. The U.S. was importing 65% of its petroleum in 2005, creating serious national security concerns. But fracking helped cut imports to 40% and the U.S. now exports oil and gas. Today’s vital raw materials foundation also includes exotic minerals like gallium, germanium, rare-earth elements, and platinum-group metals. For the U.S., they are “critical” because they are required in thousands of applications; they become “strategic” when we don’t [...]

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REPORT: Prince Charles lobbied for climate policy that benefited his own investments

The Paradise Papers revealed that while Prince Charles was lobbying for a rule change to allow “carbon credits” from rainforests to be bought and traded, Charles’s estate invested $113,500 in Sustainable Forestry, according to the BBC.

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Trump orders roll back of EPA’s WOTUS rule

President Donald Trump signed an executive order targeting a major Obama-era policy expanding federal authority over bodies of water. “Let’s start hiring those people, fellas,” Trump said before signing the order while surrounded by federal lawmakers and county officials. Trump ordered federal agencies to make sure “waters are kept free from pollution, while at the same time promoting economic growth, minimizing regulatory uncertainty” and respecting the role of states and Congress. Trump also ordered agencies to define “navigable waters” in a “manner consistent with the opinion of Justice Antonin Scalia in Rapanos v. United States” — a more narrow interpretation of [...]

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Conservatives must strongly support Trump on climate change

By Tom Harris President-elect Donald Trump’s opposition to the global warming alarm is a refreshing change from the Obama Administration’s naïve and hugely expensive crusade to lead the world to "save the climate.” Not only has Trump been right on the money in his descriptions of the sub-prime science underlying the scare. He also clearly understands that there is little chance the developing world, the source of most of humanity’s greenhouse gas emissions, will follow the U.S. lead anyway, as it strives to lift billions out of poverty. These nations don’t even have to. There is an “out” clause for developing [...]

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