Trump orders roll back of EPA’s WOTUS rule

President Donald Trump signed an executive order targeting a major Obama-era policy expanding federal authority over bodies of water. “Let’s start hiring those people, fellas,” Trump said before signing the order while surrounded by federal lawmakers and county officials. Trump ordered federal agencies to make sure “waters are kept free from pollution, while at the same time promoting economic growth, minimizing regulatory uncertainty” and respecting the role of states and Congress. Trump also ordered agencies to define “navigable waters” in a “manner consistent with the opinion of Justice Antonin Scalia in Rapanos v. United States” — a more narrow interpretation of [...]

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Conservatives must strongly support Trump on climate change

By Tom Harris President-elect Donald Trump’s opposition to the global warming alarm is a refreshing change from the Obama Administration’s naïve and hugely expensive crusade to lead the world to "save the climate.” Not only has Trump been right on the money in his descriptions of the sub-prime science underlying the scare. He also clearly understands that there is little chance the developing world, the source of most of humanity’s greenhouse gas emissions, will follow the U.S. lead anyway, as it strives to lift billions out of poverty. These nations don’t even have to. There is an “out” clause for developing [...]

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Top 5 Reasons to Give This Giving Tuesday

This Giving Tuesday, give to a cause you care about.  We at CFACT are grateful for the generosity of our many friends and supporters who enable us to reach countless policy makers, media outlets, students, and concerned citizens in America and around the world.   Please consider a tax-deductible gift today to help us continue to provide a voice for genuine science, sensible environmental policy, and the promotion of political and economic liberty that brings prosperity to nature … and people too! 1)  CFACT firmly believes the power of the free markets combined with safe technologies and wise stewardship can provide solutions to [...]

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Climate alarmists pushing green education indoctrination

CFACT advisor H. Sterling Burnett writes the weekly climate column for The Heartland Institute -- a CFACT partner in addressing environmental education issues (such as our joint battle in West Virginia). Noting the call in the Huffington Post for even more propaganda, he warns Americans that the battle for the minds of our future generations is more intense than ever.

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Do people fear clowns over climate change?

If you distrust different polls ranking Hillary and Donald as scariest presidential choices, how about conflicting surveys comparing people more afraid of clowns than global warming? According to an October 15-17 Vox Morning Consult poll of 1,999 Americans, clown fright beat out climate sweats by 42% versus 32%. Vox followed up on an October 11 Chapman University poll of 1,511 which awarded the terror tribute to climate calamity over clown phobia by 32.3% versus 7.8%. Incidentally, these Chapman ranking differences narrow to only a 2.4% when adding people who are "afraid or very afraid" of zombies (10.2%), and ghosts (8.9%). Those [...]

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Methane mendacity – and madness

The Obama Administration drive to eliminate U.S. use of fossil fuels is nothing short of insanity (or a devious plot to weaken the U.S. against foreign foes). The results of these policies will either be catastrophic destruction of American cropland, fuel rationing (and maybe even vehicle rationing), and economic collapse. Meanwhile, so-called "developing" countries will get a free pass so that the overall impact on the environment will likely be negative. But the politicians and their friends will get rich rewards and not be bound by the diktats they impose on others.

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Profound lifestyle changes heading your way

“Dangerous man-made climate change” still animates Democrat and liberal politics. It’s used to justify a war on coal, restrictions on drilling and driving, cap-tax-and-trade schemes, wind and solar mandates, subsidies as high as $45,000 per electric car, higher fuel and electricity prices, and racketeering laws to prosecute anyone who questions the catechism of climate cataclysm. But the 2015 Paris climate pact necessitates even stronger actions – “profound lifestyle changes,” according to a new European Commission report.

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GOP energy report card: 2015

CFACT policy advisor Marita Noon says the GOP Congress got one A, two Bs, a C, and two Ds on its energy policy report card during 2015 -- but the B for the Keystone Pipeline ought to be an F if results, not good intentions, are the basis for grading.

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The omnibus spending package: good energy policy, bad energy policy

The decades-old legislation that prevented American producers from exporting oil is officially overturned—despite previous presidential threats to veto a bill to lift the oil export ban. That’s good policy. However, to get the support of “reluctant Democrats,” The Economist reports: “an additional five years of tax credits for wind and solar power” was part of the package. That’s bad energy policy. While it will likely be months before the first tanker of crude oil leaves U.S. shores, the benefits of lifting the ban are already being felt as the spread between the global benchmark price, known as Brent, and the U.S. [...]

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