‘No extinctions’: Polar bears survived periods when the Arctic had no ice

Former Vice President Al Gore shocked Americans in “An Inconvenient Truth” when he said polar bears were drowning because global warming was melting Arctic sea ice, but now a new study shows that polar bears did just fine even when there was no ice covering the Arctic.

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Property owners stand up to National Park Service bullying

Tom and Kathy Stocklen fought the National Park Service for over 40 years and retired with their property intact, despite repeated efforts, even threats, by NPS bureaucrats to take their land in Michigan's Sleeping Bear Dunes Natioanl Lakeshore. Curiously, the NPS has recently ended four decades of dredging the Platte River, where the Stocklens placed their canoes, for safe navigation. Clearly, Washington thinks that landowners are public nuisances.

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America’s big ‘green’ wrecking machines

CFACT contributor Mary Kay Barton shows how wind farms re in reality tax farms that squeeze local residents out of tax dollars as they dramatically reduce the value of the farms in communities that were doing quite well before some of their elected officials sold out to gain fame and fortune from wind developers. Worse, wind projects are designed to lose money over their lifetimes, even without factoring in that actual lifetimes are about half of promised lifetimes.

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Questionable data, secret science

CFACT contributor Charles G. Battig, in a letter published in the Wall Street Journal, lashes out at the EPA for its apparent collusion with radical environmental activists in the orchestrated “sue and settle” consent decrees and asserts that the agency's Clean Air Act policy continues in a self-perpetuating bureaucratic endeavor far removed from its original congressional mission.

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Driving policies through fraud and fear-mongering

The EPA's justification for PM2.5 regulation is sketchy at best, given that the secret Harvard study upon which the rules are based found a statistical relative risk that is well below the legal threshold for identifying a significant potential risk. Moreover, notes CFACT contributor Dr. Charles Battig, while the EPA claims instant PM2.5 mortality begins at just 35 microns per cubic meter, a single draw on a cigarette releases up to 40,000 microns per cubic meter into a smoker's lungs, and airport smoker lounges have ambient levels up to 10,000 microns per cubic meter. Dr. Battig concludese that the EPA has fabricated a PM2.5 disease entity, endowed it with a unique pathological profile, funded friendly "studies" that support its claims and ignored all contrary findings, and published regulations that will enhance its power and authority over the regulated community while greatly increasing the costs of doing business.

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Will President Obama’s new drilling policy give the Arctic over to Russian domination?

Is it merely a coincidence that millions of dollars of Russian money have been laundered and forwarded to anti-fossil fuel radical environmentalists to fight exploration and development by the United States of Alaska's vast oil and gas and minerals reserves? While Russia plans to seize the entire Arctic for its own use, the United States shuts down all future development over nearly 20 million acres of land and sea -- for absolutely zero environmental benefit, especially since Russia will likely be able to exploit much of that same territory anyway. Just as bac, Obama did this despite universal opposition from Alaska's elected officials -- robbing the state of much-needed jobs and revenues. Hopefully, this theft and giveaway to Russia can be reversed.

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