MEDIA ADVISORY: CFACT headed to COP 19 Warsaw

The most important UN climate conference of the year will take place in Warsaw, Poland from November 11th to the 22nd. Headlining CFACT's delegation will be Apollo VII Astronaut Walter Cunningham who said, "it is clear that the science is not settled. Models have not succeeded in predicting the climate.” Check in with CFACT for COP 19 updates as they break.

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A chill in the air for crony climate cash?

Within the past two years, at least seven peer-reviewed studies published in the scientific literature have concluded that the influence of doubling the amount of CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere is likely to be substantially lower than IPCC has determined and have ruled out the high-end projections.

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Eco-activist: Dismantle pipeline by “any means necessary”

CFACT's Marc Morano was at our Light Brigade counter protest to Sierra Club &'s climate rally on February 17 and he interviewed some of the activists there. He found that the mood was very angry, with some protestors declaring the Keystone XL pipeline must be dismantled by "any means necessary" after Morano asked if they support acts of eco-terror.

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20 great CFACT moments of 2012

In 2012, it seemed CFACT went everywhere, worked flat out and hardly took a breather. Our research was thorough, our spokesmen drove the radicals to distraction, our Collegians kept expanding and it seemed like Climate Depot's Marc Morano lived on television. We aired our 5,000th Just the Facts radio broadcast. We educated, we innovated we reported, we adopted villages, we gathered scientists and scholars and we took the battle to distant shores. When we found closed minds we innovated and even entertained. We put masks on UN delegates to "capture" their CO2. Last year we dropped a British Lord from a plane. This year he flew from a camel. After all, we're CFACT! We'll do anything to share our message of better lives for people and a sparkling clean environment - through freedom. Here are some of our favorite CFACT moments from 2012.

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