The antidote to Al Gore

Unlike Gore's unscientific climate narrative, Climate Hustle is grounded in solid facts that expose the global warming con game like no movie before or since. Now available on iTunes, Vimeo, Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, Steam, Christian Cinema and more!

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Canadian rhapsody for “Climate Hustle”

"Do you think the carbon tax is going to reduce global temperatures?" [Laughs] "NO... It's a money transfer scheme, nothing else." Canadians loved "Climate Hustle" in Alberta, they are tired of expensive climate policies that enrich a few and do nothing meaningful for the environment. Get your copy today! Can we control world temperature through taxes, redistribution and regulations? WATCH NOW

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Ecological double standards

CFACT Senior Policy Advisor Paul Driessen, noting that both major party candidates for President support local control over fracking, suggests that local control should also extend to wind farms, solar arrays, forest management, and other issues that today are rigged in favor of those who shut down or redirect development by fiat.

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Climate Hustle Encore!

Would your organization, club, church, or company still like to have a day or night at the theater with "Climate Hustle," the film one reviewer said “could be the most important movie of the year?”

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