Side events with consequences

Businesses get saddled with burdensome mandates, consumers pay higher prices, and economies flounder. Even worse, such measures often take their toll on those who can afford it least – namely the poor.

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Politifact disgraces itself on U.S. emissions ruling

Politifact justified its ruling that EPA is telling a half-falsehood in stating emissions are down under President Trump by stating emissions – under the booming Trump economy – are not falling quite as quickly as they did under the stagnant Obama economy. The fact is U.S. emissions continued to decline -- just as EPA reported.

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America is an increasingly minor CO2 emitter

The United States and Western democracies as a whole are increasingly minor players among global carbon dioxide emitters, U.S. EPA data show. Without dramatic emissions reductions in China, India, and other developing nations, dramatic reductions in the United States, Western Europe, and Japan will have little impact on global carbon dioxide emissions. According to EPA data (, the United States, Western Europe, and Japan account for a cumulative 28% of global carbon dioxide emissions. China alone accounts for 30%, India accounts for 7%, and the rest of the world cumulatively accounts for 35%. The share of global emissions from the United [...]

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EPA ponders regulating CO2

The second shoe has dropped in EPA's wondering about how to regulate CO2 emissions from power plants. As the shoe dropping metaphor suggests, EPA can now go to sleep for awhile. Everyone else is going to be very busy commenting on this complex issue. The first shoe dropped in October when EPA proposed repeal of the Obama Clean Power Plan. The Agency correctly cited the well known legal arguments against the CPP, especially that it illegally required States to regulate their entire electric power systems, not just their power plants. This meant changing (that is, restricting) people's use of electricity, a favorite [...]

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