Winners and losers energy policies

Governor Mitt Romney strongly supports North American energy independence as the foundation of renewed US employment and prosperity. President Obama is waging war on fossil fuels, job creation, and efforts to end our economic recession and reduce dependence on Middle Eastern and Russian oil.

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California cap-and-trade is a ‘moving’ proposition!

By Appeal-Democrat Editorial Marysville, California.  It's probably no coincidence that Gov. Jerry Brown recently launched a website to scare Californians into embracing his global-warming hype....  The state is about to launch a cap-and-trade scheme ... ostensibly to fight global warming.... If Brown were more honest, he would acknowledge that his intention isn't to curb global warming, which we and many scientists maintain is a highly disputable threat. If he were straightforward, Brown would explain to Californians that his cap-and-trade penalties on large industrial emitters of greenhouse gases are nothing but a disguised tax to raise billions to finance already overblown government operations. [...]

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Obama EPA enacts cap-and-trade agenda

In its latest move to drive up the cost of energy to consumers, businesses, and manufacturers, the Obama EPA March 27 issued a final rule regulating greenhouse-gas emissions from electric utilities. EPA’s action will effectively ban the construction of new coal-fired power plants. Under the rule, no new power plant will be allowed to emit more than 1,000 pounds of carbon dioxide per megawatt of electricity produced. On average, U.S. coal plants emit 1,768 pounds of CO2 per megawatt of electricity. The rule requires future plants to use as yet non-existent carbon capture and control technologies to cut their emissions to [...]

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Keystone veto means jobs are not in the President’s interest

President Obama “is focused like a laser on putting people back to work,” Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) assured us last fall – echoing repeated statements by President Obama and Administration officials who “can’t wait” for Congress or others to take action and create jobs. The jobs thing didn’t last long, however. The President soon vetoed TransCanada’s application for permits to build the Keystone XL pipeline.

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Battery maker ENER1 goes belly up

Appearing on the Neil Cavuto Show on Fox News, CFACT's Marc Morano laid the wood to the whole idea that government knows best in research and development.  Cavuto first presents President Obama making his case that, "We've got to invest in solar and wind and biofuels," and in another clip, "Government support is critical in helping businesses get new ideas off the ground." Morano first points out that 80% of the $80 billion in stimulus package loans through the Department of Energy went to Obama campaign donors and that many of these projects are now in or near bankruptcy.  One reason [...]

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Keystone Kops halt U.S.-Canada pipeline, target another

By Duggan Flanakin and Redmond WeissenbergerOilfield workers in Alberta, refinery workers in Texas and countless factory workers just learned that the White House will not allow construction of an oil pipeline that would bring over half a million barrels of oil a day from Canada’s Alberta Province and North Dakota’s Bakken Field to refineries in Texas and Louisiana. The job-killing decision was a victory for radical environmentalists and well-heeled U.S. foundations that have long battled Canadian oil sands companies and the U.S. oil and gas industry. President Obama says Congress gave him insufficient time to examine environmental issues. TransCanada Keystone Pipeline LP [...]

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After pressure from Climate Depot, Gingrich ‘regrets’ Gore climate ad with Pelosi

Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich has officially flip-flopped about his 2008 Al Gore ad with Nancy Pelosi on global warming. Gingrich declared he now "regrets" making the commercial. Gingrich's announcement comes after months of pressure from global warming skeptics, led by Climate Depot. (See: Sierra Club's Carl Pope recognizes Climate Depot as Kingmaker: 'All seem to be mindful of the remarkable know-nothing standard set for GOP candidates by Marc Morano') The Hill – July 26, 2011 Excerpt: Gingrich regrets 2008 climate ad with Pelosi -- By Michael O'Brien - 07/26/11 -- Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) said Tuesday that he [...]

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Rural American jobs threatened by Obama forest plan

Afraid that a new plan by the U.S. Forest Service will wreak economic havoc on timber-dependent rural communities, lawmakers from both political parties are expressing their displeasure with the Obama administration initiative.At issue is a sweeping so-called “planning rule” that would guide land-use decision on 198 million acres of federal forests and grasslands across the country. Released in February as a proposed rule, the plan has come under a barrage of criticism for emphasizing species preservation and climate change over the well-being of rural Americans.According to Greenwire (May 5, 2011), Rep. Glenn Thompson (R-Pennsylvania), chairman of the House Agriculture Committee’s subcommittee [...]

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Political payback: Oregon style

Confused visitors will be forgiven for thinking Oregon State University is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Congressman Pete DeFazio and the “progressive-socialist” wing of the Democratic Party. Or for likening what’s going on there to political retribution as practiced in Third World thugocracies.The idea that three outstanding students – PhD candidates at OSU – could face dismissal, and worse, shortly before receiving their degrees, is simply shocking. That this could be happening because their father had the temerity to challenge an entrenched 12-term Democratic congressman (and OSU earmark purveyor) could make people think the university is in Zimbabwe, not America.Dr. Art Robinson [...]

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Congress bickers over biodegradable forks

CFACT's Marc Morano, editor of Climate Depot, appeared on Fox News with Neil Cavuto to discuss congressional Democrat's fight for biodegradable forks, knives, and spoons in the congressional cafeteria. Under Nancy Pelosi's "Green the Capitol" initiative, the flatwear in the Capitol's cafeteria was replaced with biodegradable utensils made from corn starch. They soon proved impractical, actually melting in hot soup and too flimsy to even eat a salad. Bipartisan complaints rolled in from all quarters. Now that the House is under GOP control, the "green" forks are history, and useful utensils are back in diners' hands. Some members of Congress, however, [...]

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Capitol Hill eyes cuts to federal land purchases

Facing ballooning federal deficits, the House of Representatives is preparing to take the knife to a variety of programs, including those aimed at bringing more land under Washington’s ownership.In the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, GOP appropriators have put forth a list of 70 cuts they want to see included in the Continuing Resolution that will keep the government funded beyond March 4. Republican lawmakers have proposed slashing $348 million from the Obama administration’s request for the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), which disperses tax dollars to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the U.S. Forest Service for federal land [...]

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Salazar’s wild lands policy sends shockwaves across the West

This article was featured on Fox News' website! _____________________________________ Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s Dec. 22 announcement directing the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to survey its vast holdings with a view towards determining which should be designated as “wild lands” has sent shock waves across the West.Salazar’s move is widely seen as the Obama administration’s way of dealing with a new Congress that is unlikely to create new wilderness areas legislatively. The administration is rebranding wilderness as wild lands so it can make millions of acres of public land off-limits to development through regulatory fiat.  Salazar unveiled the plan after Congress [...]

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Driving US families into fuel poverty

By Niger Innis, Rev. Samuel Rodriguez and Amy FrederickThe Obama Administration still hasn't gotten the message voters sent Washington on November 2.The lame duck session and 111th Congress finally ended, without the White House getting key items on its wish list. So now, the Environmental Protection Agency and Interior Department intend to impose costly, job-killing, economy-strangling new rules for power plants and refineries, and implement more land-grabs that will lock up additional millions of acres and more billions of dollars of American energy.Their goal is to end the hydrocarbon and nuclear era in America, and force us to convert to “renewable” [...]

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From Cancun: Leadership is the courage to say no

This article originally appeared in the National Journal's Cancun Insider.   Cancun, Mexico--Ed Markey wonders, “Where do we go from here?” With any luck, COP 16 will be the last UN sponsored Climate conference, and we can all just go home, to spend time with our families and do something worthwhile with our hard-earned money. Maybe Canadians can process a bit of tar sands as well – and enjoy ever so slightly warmer Januaries, if the Earth would just warm a bit more, instead of continuing to cool and snow.After the fears of “global cooling” passed in the 1970s, alarmists quickly [...]

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