EPA’s clean power fraud

CFACT Senior Policy Advisor Paul Driessen makes a strong case for reining in the Environmental Protection Agency to protect the future of American prosperity. For example, the EPA's new Clean Power Plan may triple or even quadruple electricity rates in states now heavily dependent on coal for electricity generation. Sue and settle, junk science, and even deceptive or fraudulent practices by EPA employees must be curtailed.

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Green power gridlock: why renewable energy is no alternative

President Obama pledged that under his administration electricity prices would necessarily skyrocket -- presumably so that wind and solar could become more acceptable financially as alternatives. The problem, notes Professor Larry Bell, is that renewable energy does not work that well with the existing power grid system in the U.S. To accommodate increasing wind and solar, Germany will have to spend up to $96 billion in transmission and distribution system upgrades in the next decade. Imagine what the cost would be for the U.S., with is massively larger population and acreage.

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