State lawmakers are stalling on renewables mandates

Lawmakers in states across the nation are thinking twice about policies that drive up the cost of power. In fact, according to a recent report, fourteen states with renewable energy mandates are currently considering laws that repeal of significantly roll back provisions that require utilities to build or purchase more renewable power. An additional eight states considered such measures last year.

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Ushering in the new (socialist) world order, one crisis at a time

Much of the scary climate stuff gleefully trumpeted by the global media comes from the UN’s IPCC, a highly politicized organization that does not actually carry out any original climate research. Instead, it simply issues assessments based upon supposedly independent surveys of published research. However, some of its most influential conclusions that are summarized in its reports have neither been based upon truly independent research, nor properly vetted through accepted peer- review processes.

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500 police bust Deutsche Bank over €300 million carbon trading scam

Five hundred German police and tax inspectors raided offices and residences connected with Deutsche Bank in Berlin, Frankfurt and Dusselforf, Wednesday over allegations of conspiracy involving over €300 million in carbon trading tax fraud. While a few profiteers will amass carbon trading fortunes, these schemes will not impact the climate in any meaningful way. Whether conducted legally or illegally, all carbon trading is a waste and a scam which cries out to be halted.

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Scientists at Munich conference challenge IPCC

Scientists and policy experts just completed a European climate conference organized to coincide with the UN conference in Doha, Qatar. The warming propaganda industry likes to push the idea that all scientists back their ideology. Nothing could be further from the truth as demonstrated by this and other scientific gatherings.

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German media’s veer from green energy

A few years ago, Germany was “fully committed” to the EU’s goal of ending fossil fuel use. It was building lots of wind turbines, and even some solar farms despite its often-cloudy skies. After the tsunami, Prime Minister Angela Merckel announced Germany would phase out its nuclear plants quickly, implying more power from renewables.

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