Crop yields consistently up confounding warming scare stories

The USDA has kept crop records since that agency was created in the 1860’s. Over that period – which coincides with “large-scale industrial coal burning” and other recent human activities alleged to increase warming – national average corn yields have increased more than 7-fold.

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Obama climate report finds sky falling

The Obama Administration is used to lying about nearly everything, so why not lie and claim that recent weather events are unprecedented, the sky is falling, and the seas are rising? Surely no mainstream "journalist" will challenge any of these claims! But real scientists do! And people are beginning to believe the truth and to doubt the veracity and even the intentions of the liars.

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Manmade “climate disruption” – the hype and reality

CFACT Senior Policy Advisor Paul Driessen lists several reasons that the National Climate Assessment is borderline science fiction and has little basis in reality -- to distract the public from real issues; to justify job-killing regulatory policies; to obscure real-world climate changes; to protect and expand the flow of money to political friends and cronies; and to drive an agenda that is designed, in the words of Chief Science Advisor John Holdren, to "de-develop" the United States.

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