Both parties are fractured, but on energy, each is unified

There is no shortage of news stories touting the splits within each party. The Democrat divide is, as NBC News sees it, between dreamers and doers—with the International Business Times (IBT) calling it: “a civil war over the party’s ideological future.” The Boston Globe declares that the “party fissures” represent “a national party torn between Clinton’s promised steady hand and Sanders’ more progressive goals.” The Republican reality is, according to IBT, a battle between moderates and conservatives. The party is being “shattered” by the fighting between the establishment and the outsiders. The New Yorker said the days following the Detroit debate have “been the week of open civil war within the Republican Party.” Former standard-bearer Mitt [...]

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“Keep it in the ground” at work in the real world

The Luddites are loose! It was not enough for them to waste billions of tax dollars on unsustainable wind and solar projects, but now they want to shut down the only safe, secure, 24/7 sources of energy in the U.S. -- oil, natural gas, and coal (and, yes, nuclear power too). The new Stone(d) Age awaits those who empower these de-development radicals who have enjoyed the fruits of innovative technology unleashed by a capitalist society but now want to deprive future generations (and those currently living as well) of the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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SolarCity and the Silver Spoon

Companies like Solar City need politicians to keep them afloat. The best solution would be to rid ourselves of politicians who play favorites with other people's money (like Andrew Cuomo), but barring that, we should cancel all subsidies that enable rich people to profit from policies that make energy more expensive for the poor -- via political means.

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Not all energy is created equal

Repealing the ban on oil exports is a win-win for the U.S. and its people; revising the solar investmenttax credit and the wind production tax credit are a lose-lose proposition that will cost the U.S. economy billions of dollars for an infinitesimal environmental gain. The American people should not be blackmailed by partisan politicians who want their wind and solar subsidies as the price of the positive benefits of lifting the crude oil export ban.

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Windmills and sunbeams won’t keep the lights on

CFACT advisor Larry Bell explains that wind and solar are intermittent sources of energy that, unlike the 24/7 reliability of fossil fuels, nuclear energy, and even for the most part hydroelectric, tend to be at their peak during low-demand periods and at their low ebb during high demand. The result of shutting down existing power plants for these not-so-green alternatives will surely be blackouts and brownouts -- plus higher energy prices and a lower standard of living.

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Renewable energy claims are unsustainable

A possible hidden agenda in the UN's Agenda 21 is world depopulation through not allowing sub-Saharan Africans, for example, the opportunity to improve their standards of living via modern technology, even affordable electricity. Even worse, the grandiose schemes for renewable energy only are ilkely to result in a collapse of the energy grids due to the intermittent nature of wind and solar energy.

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Singing in the new revolution

Opposition to the excesses of the Obama EPA and other related agencies is mounting -- unions are seeing jobs die; landowners do not like trumped up "endangered species" habitat designations rob them of economically productive land, and ordinary citizens are recoiling from the higher costs for unreliable renewable energy.

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The best renewable energy investment

CFACT advisor Marita Noon shows, using publicly available documentsjust jhow dependent the solar industry is on subsidies and other favorable government policies in which the many subsidize the few. Even though the price for photovoltaic elements has dropped dramatically, the industry could not survive without the Investment Tax Credit for renewable energy, state renewable portfolio standards; (which are fading fast), and the Obama Administration’s pro-solar policies.

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The EPA myth of “Clean Power”

The Environmental Protection Agency, following the lead of the Obama Administration, has promulgated rules designed to shut down America's coal industry and force the U.S. economy to rely on unsustainable wind and solar energy for future power generation. Americans in the know realize this course of action will lead to energy shortages, brownouts and blackouts, higher energy prices, and more. Lawsuits seeking to curtail the EPA's power are pending in federal court -- and the plaintiffs point out that the EPA is violating its own rules and federal law in its quest for power.

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