• Canadian rhapsody for “Climate Hustle”

    “Do you think the carbon tax is going to reduce global temperatures?” [Laughs] “NO… It’s a money transfer scheme, nothing else.” Canadians loved “Climate Hustle” in Alberta, they are tired of expensive climate policies that enrich a few and do nothing meaningful for the environment. Get your copy today! Can we control world temperature through taxes, redistribution and regulations? WATCH NOW

  • Powering countries, empowering people

    CFACT Senior Policy Analyst Paul Driessen cuts to the point — that billions of people in Africa, india, and elsewhere are systematically being denied reliable access (or any access) to electricity by cold-hearted bureaucrats and elitist governments who have decided for these people that no electricity is better than fossil fuel electricity (or even hydro). Yet when people do gain access to affordable energy, their productivity can skyrocket.

  • The Experiment: Capitalism versus Socialism

    There has been no clearer comparison between capitalism and socialism than the two Germanys that were created at the end of World War II — socialist/communist East Germany, under Soviet hegemony, and capitalist West Germany, with strong ties to Western Europe and the United States. Clearly, West Germany’s capitalist system produced better results for its people — and only recently have East Germans begun to prosper after many years of freedom.

  • Blame for Ford’s Mexico move falls on Obama Administration

    CFACT Advisor Marita Noon notes that Ford is moving its small car manufacturing to Mexico because it cannot produce these vehicles economically in the United States — but adds that the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards could be revised next year to alter the economics of small-car manufacturing and allow more Americans to drive vehicles they actually want — more than likely made in America.

  • Stealth advocacy on climate change: A catastrophic failure of science

    By Calvin Beisner The planet is doomed unless humans achieve zero net “carbon” emissions within 40 years—and maybe even if we do. That’s the word from 11 co-authors, led by Johan Rockstöm of the Stockholm Resilience Centre, of a pseudo-scientific screed published August 24 in Earth’s Future, an open-access online journal of the American Geophysical Union. […]

  • A UN and tribal takeover?

    By Lawrence Kogan A massive 792-page Senate Energy Committee bill threatens to authorize federal bureaucrats to cede extensive control over Western states’ water and property rights, energy development, and forest management to Native American tribes, local UN sustainability councils, and radical environmentalist groups. Certain provisions could undermine the foundations of our nation from within our […]

  • “Toxic chromium” fear-mongering

    Erin Brockovich became rich and famous by promoting the notion that people in Hinkley, CA, got cancer because of hexavalent chromium (Chromium-6) in drinking water. Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) settled a 1993 lawsuit for $333 million, rather than risk trial by a jury frightened by a steady drumbeat of horror stories from lawyers, activists, […]

  • Climate alarmism is not ‘sexy’

    CFACT advisor Larry Bell calls out alarmists for twisting the truth about global temperatures and continuing to scare people into surrendering their economic prosperity to “save the planet” — or, rather, create a global socialist world government.