• House property rights caucus to target abuse of landowners

    The new Private Property Rights Caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives will target legislation and regulations that interfere with the free and lawful use of private property. Created by Rep. Tom Reed (R, NY), the caucus hopes to build a broad-based coalition that will restore Constitutional rights and enable property owners to provide for themselves and their families.

  • The EPA myth of “Clean Power”

    The Environmental Protection Agency, following the lead of the Obama Administration, has promulgated rules designed to shut down America’s coal industry and force the U.S. economy to rely on unsustainable wind and solar energy for future power generation. Americans in the know realize this course of action will lead to energy shortages, brownouts and blackouts, higher energy prices, and more. Lawsuits seeking to curtail the EPA’s power are pending in federal court — and the plaintiffs point out that the EPA is violating its own rules and federal law in its quest for power.

  • What will America look like if the environmentalists win?

    Coleman Alderson’s new book, Mountain Whispers, Days without Sun, paints a gripping picture of how the Global Energy Enforcement Organization (GEEO) takes control of every aspect of our lives, leaving people struggling to survive a bleak existence. CFACT policy analyst Marita Noon recommends this book to those who worry about a total Green victory over those who seek freedom and prosperity.

  • Prospectors, North Carolina land trust face off over access to gold

    While the Land Trust of Central North Carolina did purchase some property along the Uwharrie River, their attempts to stifle suction dredging by local prospectors looking for gold may have run afoul of North Carolina law — the prospectors surely think that the state, not the Land Trust, owns the riverbed and thus the Land Trust has no right to impede the dredging.

  • Powerful anti-fossil energy lobbies target students

    America’s colleges and universities used to take pride in “free speech” — but today, billionaires and power brokers have conspired to pressure the halls of academe to stifle any dissent to the mantras of the Far Left. Hopefully, today’s students will be wise enough to consider that something so feared that it cannot even be mentioned might just be more of a threat to the powers that be than to their own understanding of reality.

  • Energy security must include reliable power

    Americans need to prepare for energy poverty unless the Obama – EPA juggernaut can be derailed and the so-called Clean Power Plan can be blocked or repealed. The courts in the past have ruled that the EPA overreached — and surely that is what is happening here, but the people cannot rely solely on the courts (which soon could be controlled by radical leftists) and so need to rise up themselves and turn this underpowered train around.

  • It is a bad time to be in the renewable energy industry

    CFACT advisor Marita Noon says that 2015 promises to be a dark year for those who have benefitted from massive subsidies for wind, solar, and biofuels — the public is tiring of the cost and the failed promises — and of higher food costs. There will surely be a massive fight between Washington and the states over this — but wait and see.

  • A message for Pope Francis

    If Pope Francis is truly committed to advancing science, the poor and creation, he should reject climate chaos claims unless and until alarmists can provide solid evidence to back up their assertions and models.

  • Financing Climate Crisis, Inc.

    CFACT Senior Policy Advisor Paul Driessen outlines six stratgegies through which the Obama Administration is using climate change to “fundamentally transform” America. THey are attacking dissenters, trying to censor skeptical speech, and worse.