• The American people aren’t stupid enough to buy the manmade climate crisis narrative

    The American people are increasingly not buying into the global warming (er, climate change) scary scenarios, but the Green Left, led by Al Gore, is responding by turning up the heat — and increasingly seeking to silence opposition they cannot control. That this is a losing technique escapes notice because they believe that nobody cares enough about stopping them to resist and overcome the firings, threats of prison time, and even worse from the shrill sirens of statism.

  • EPA’s mercury rule statistics smell fishy

    Once again, the EPA has overreached in its attempt to regulate entire industries out of business. The new mercury rules, for example, which is facing Supreme Court scrutiny right now, would be the most expensive ever, disrupt U.S. energy supply, and provide miniscule real-world health benefits. The EPA, however, has concocted a scenario that claims huge benefits and low costs — based on “science” it will not share with Congress, let alone the public. Perhaps the Court will take a hard look at this “science” and decide it is insufficient to justify such draconian measures, perhaps not.

  • Shakeup at Virginia land trust makes waves

    Heather Richards may have resigned from her job with the Piedmont Environmental Council, but she is in a position of even greater authority now as chair of the Land Trust Accredication Commission — and one wonders whether other land trusts are also abusing power as the PEC clearly did. As for Richards, she cannot even seem to tell the truth about her upbringing.

  • A remarkable free speech code for higher education

    “The University has a solemn responsibility not only to promote a lively and fearless freedom of debate and deliberation, but also to protect that freedom when others attempt to restrict it.”

    Read the statement Princeton and the University of Chicago adopted to abandon political correctness and promote and defend free thought and speech. Forward it to your alma mater.

  • Clean Power Plan justification is hot air

    The climate change crusades are heating up, thanks to an irascible President Obama, who sneers at polls showing Americans no longer believe in the hobgoblin view of carbon dioxide spread by politicians who arrogated science as a tool to be manipulated rather than a guide to rational behavior. CFACT advisor Larry Bell notes that the EPA’s regulatory war on coal rampage will impose major utility cost hikes, with disproportionate burdens falling upon economically disadvantaged residents of colder northern states. But who will pay the political price for this skullduggery?

  • The sun and the wind are free, but …

    CFACT contributor Marita Noon points out that wind and solar power are free, but converting them to usable energy typically requires fossil fuel backup systems because neither wind nor solar is 24/7n reliable. Pointing out these facts — and the higher energy costs for the poorest among us — typically is met with ugly rhetoric, character assassination and such like, because wind and solar companies and the die-hard supporters of renewable energy cannot refute the facts.

  • Solar panel companies deceive homeowners

    Fueled by subsidies and mandates, the new rooftop solar-leasing market industry has engaged in “deceptive marketing strategies” to sucker unsuspecting homeowners into misleading zero-money-down teaser loan deals. Many customers are unaware they must include these units in their homeowners insurance policies, the units may stop working long before the 20- to 30-year lease expires (and they are liable for maintenance and replacement of defective parts), and the solar companies may place a lien on the entire property, not just the solar equipment, making it more difficult to transfer ownership via sale. There are numerous other pitfalls, including a serious fire hazard from defective units.