• New Interior Department rules expected to curtail Gulf oil production

    According to consulting firm Wood Mackenzie, new Obama Interior Department regulations will bring about a 70% decline in energy exploration over the next 20 years and a loss of up to 190,000 jobs. The egghead rules will also likely jeopardize safety at drilling sites, both because rock formations cannot handle the volume of fluids required by the rule and because shifting the primary monitoring responsibility from on-site engineers to onshore electronic observers will delay the discovery of problems and lengthen response times.

  • Billionaire’s Club funds climate crisis propaganda

    An elite club of old and new money billionaires has created a subterranean, interlocking network of nonprofit organizations, foundations, and government bureaucrats to control both the funding and the “spin” on high-level environmental topics, including climate change. Even if they do not succeed in shutting down the energy industry (and more), their efforts provide a stiff headwind against human progress.

  • Why waste food to replace something we already have too much of?

    As total repeal of the ethanol renewable fuel standard is unlikely, a compromise has been crafted that CFACT advisor Marita Noon says would go a long way toward minimizing the problem from over-zealous government intervention in the vehicular fuel marketplace. It is time to get back to allowing the free market—not Congress, not unelected bureaucrats, not mandates, not artificially spurred growth in a chosen industry—to determine our fuel choices.

  • Graduates face a big challenge

    As they don caps and gowns, endure commencement speeches, and take their diplomas, many high school and college graduates face bleak prospects in an economy that grew a dismal 0.5% the first quarter. The United States added a meager 160,000 new non-farm jobs in April, a paltry 4,000 of them in manufacturing. First quarter 2016 […]

  • Climate Hustle Encore!

    Would your organization, club, church, or company still like to have a day or night at the theater with “Climate Hustle,” the film one reviewer said “could be the most important movie of the year?”

  • Is the green’s “Daddy Warbucks” helping the planet or himself?

    The bloom should be off the rose that is the premise that Tom Steyer is a saint for promoting green energy — when in reality he is behind a major scheme in which financiers “qualify” homeowners to install solar panels, with the solar credits (taxpayer dollars) accruing not to the individual but to the financiers (Steyer and his cronies). They are going to make billions — all for a small investment in fear and hope.

  • Ben Rhodes spins climate change

    The entire climate agenda is lunacy until you realize that this is not science but a power play to increase government control over more and more aspects of the lives of ordinary citizens. The brain-dead who only parrot what they have been told by media minions cannot be persuaded through sound argument that their beliefs are in error — so strong is the mind control that punishes dissent. Yet, despite all of this, the truth is beginning to win the day.