• Watch Apollo Astronaut Walt Cunningham blast global warming

    Astronaut Walt Cunningham was interviewed by ABC News at a CFACT event in Minnesota: “Models are not data… I’m here to encourage everyone to look at the data themselves, not just buy what they’re told.” We are “facing one of the biggest scientific hoaxes in history. That’s what’s being pushed on us.”

  • Beekeeepers blaming pesticides for bee losses could face bigger losses in court

    Prodded by attorneys, beekeepers in Canada’s Ontario Province have filed a lawsuit against pesticide manufacturers, claiming that neonicotinoids are killing their hives. But beekeepers in western Canadian provinces are seeking to opt out of the lawsuit, but the Siskinds law firm is not cooperating with their requests. Should the beekeepers lose in court, they will be obligated to pay court costs and perhaps damages. Perhaps they will have to file their own lawsuit against the plaintiffs.

  • EPA hides science behind draconian regs

    The EPA has virtually rewritten the Clean Air Act to suit its own ends, and while a divided Congress refuses to act to rein in the agency, the Supreme Court had a shot and even admitted that the agency had overstepped its boundaries, but still let the EPA embark on a mad race to destroy the nation’s foundational energy sources — coal, oil, and natural gas. Even worse, new EPA regulations, which will cost the U.S. economy nearly $3 trillion and innumerable job losses, are backed by
    “secret science” that the EPA will not even share with Congress.

  • Billionaires’ Club using Greens to undermine U.S. energy security

    Today’s environmental movement has in large part become the willing pawns of billionaires with an agenda that denies people their property rights and attacks the the very capitalist system that made them wealthy. One of the latest campaigns, Measure P, would ban fracking in Santa Barbara County, In campaigns like these, the non-profits are in essence hired to carry out specific tasks as part of the overall campaign strategy. This allows the Billionaire’s Club to engage in a defined transaction so they know in advance what services to expect for their money. And the Greens hardly realize they have become private contractors for the super rich.

  • Fracking in Texas: What do students think?

    Given that Texas leads the nation in oil and gas production, and that hydraulic fracturing (fracking) has been the driver in this jobs renaissance, one might think that Texas college students, especially at the state’s flagship university, would be well informed on oil and gas production and on fracking in particular. The truth is that, despite the fact that cheap energy is vital for economic growth and expensive energy hurts the poor and those on fixed incomes the most, about half of the students interviewed had no opinion or just did not know what fracking is. This creates an opportunity for education — and if Texas students are so uninformed, one might assume that students in other states might also benefit from a sound public education campaign like Real Energy Not Green Energy.

  • CFACT’s new book: “Cracking Big Green”

    CFACT’s hard-hitting exposé uncovers the Green elite’s billions and reveals the harm they do to both people and the planet.

    Ron Arnold and Paul Driessen present sixteen shocking stories exposing the dark side of the environmental movement and what you can do to shine a light on it.

  • Regcession—why Americans aren’t feeling Obama’s “vigorous recovery”

    Marita Noon asks, rather than complain when U.S. businesses take jobs overseas, why not just create a more favorable business climate here at home? One reason, she notes, is the penchant for the EPA and other federal agencies to over-regulate business and industry, adding costs and shrinking opportunities. She encourages everyone to watch a new film, “Regcession: The EPA is Destroying America,” on YouTube.

  • One more thing Texas does right

    “When the Dunes Sagebrush Lizard (DSL) was being considered for listing under the Endangered Species Act (ESA), significant parts of the Texas economy were placed at risk,” Chris Bryan, agency spokesman for the Texas Comptroller, told me when I asked about the recent decision from a United States District Court that dismissed a lawsuit filed […]

  • UN climate protocols would ravage nations

    The eco-imperialism of the West continues to plague the nations of Africa and other developing nations. Secretary of State John Kerry even told Africans not to create new (more efficient) farms because the rich First World does not want them to contribute to “carbon pollution,” as if that were something to fear. The shameless patronism of the new colonialist is dcirectly responsible for millions of deaths in Africa, india, and elsewhere, but in their own eyes the Green gurus believe their phony cause of “saving the planet” is more noble than saving human lives.