• Climate alarmism helps Republicans

    Recent history shows that strident actions by radical Greens has had negative impacts for Democratic Party candidates in followup elections. Current polls show growing disinterest in environmentalist causes, and for good reason. The cataclysmic predictions have just not come true. Frustration increases as government impsoes ever more stringent regulations to solve a problem fewer and fewer consider important. In short, keep up the good work, guys!

  • Ducks Unlimited, Virginia winery face off in court over land-use restrictions

    Cronyism once again rears its ugly head, as Big Conservation seeks to infringe upon the rights of American property owners to use their land lawfully for profit and for the benefit of customers who make their businesses grow. This time. it is a small Virginia winery, but next time it may be you wanting to add a barbecue pit or even a hot tub. Hopefully, the courts will side with the property owners this time — but we must be eternally vigilant against these interlopers who seek godlike status in our society.

  • Twin peaks – twin lies

    The elites are at war against the Earth’s people — and they are using the United Nations (and the EPA) as their strike force. CFACT senior advisor Paul Driessen and fusion energy advocate Tom Tamarkin note that the elites are seeking complete micro-management of the energy and living standards for every individual on the planet (except, of course, the elites). This is akin to the reintroduction of serfdom (maybe even slavery).

  • EPA analyst exposes climate science takeover

    Alan Carlin should know — he’s been there. The EPA began to phase out independent scientists during the 1990s, and the Obama Administration has finished the job — such that the “science” from the EPA is whatever the government wants it to say. It is long past time for a change back to scientific inquiry that does not have to lead to a foregone conclusion.

  • CFACT on PBS – Catholics should demand energy for the poor

    PBS is not known for its balanced coverage of global warming, but CFACT provided some rare balance.

    CFACT’s Marc Morano, editor of our award-winning Climate Depot news and information service, is interviewed and presents an informed Catholic’s perspective on science and an appropriate plea for the poor.

  • Climate doom awards profits and prophets

    CFACT advisor Larry Bell demonstrates once again that climate policy was always about ceding power and control over America’s assets (but not anyone else’s) to the United Nations — and of course to destroy the influence of American business worldwide. Indeed, America must be brought to its knees and punished for its great sins of creating wealth and prosperity and feeding the world.