Trump election chills Kerry’s Antarctic trip

CFACT polic advisor Larry Bell notes that the only real heating in the Antarctic is very likely due to volcanic activity below the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. Meanwhile, Secretary of State John Kerry took his last official trip to Antarctica -- to try to cool down the Trump phenomenon that is threatening the wealth and power of the UN and worldwide climate alarm industry.

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Antarctic melting reports omit key facts

CFACT advisor Dr. Larry Bell is amused with the latest spin from the Obama Administration and its henchmen from the politico-scientific community -- this time regarding the latest report on the relatively tiny West Antarctic ice sheet. Bell points to several key facts ignored by reporters and political hacks alike -- notably, the recently discovered 1-mile-deep rift valley and volcanic activity under the West Antarctic ice sheet and the fact that the other 90% of the Antarctic ice sheet is experiencing record high ice levels. Just further evidence that you cannot believe the White House or the mainstream media.

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