Carbon benefits trump costs by up to 500 to 1!

EPA assumes zero benefits from the burning of fossil fuels while proclaiming heavy costs from increased carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. Now, as Greens push for increasing the alleged "social cost of carbon" from the current 36/ton (up from $22/ton back in 2010) to an astonishing $43/ton, Roger Bezdek and Paul Driessen show that EPA is violating federal law (including Executive Order 12866) by ignoring the massive benefits to society (some $70 trillion in the U.S. alone) from fossil fuels use.

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Green scientists debunk climate change myths

Just as the Obama Administration, the EPA, the UN, and the compliant media are pumping up futuristic global warming horror stories, many of the world's top scientists are speaking out ever more sharply against this fraud. Among them: Greenpeace co-founder Dr. Patrick Moore, German environmentalist Dr. Fritz Vahrenholt, Gaia promoter Dr. James Lovelock, and Nobel Laureate physicist Dr. Ivar Giaever. All the while, some of their former colleagues are now calling for the heads orf such skeptics on a silver platter.

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Global warming’s tree ring circus brings us the costliest show on Earth

In the beginning Stephen Schneider believed in global cooling - then he flipped 180 degrees, rendering his global cooling book useless. Michael Mann invented the hockey stick to "prove" human-caused global warming, yet cherry-picked his tree rings and cheated on his data -- as did Phil Jones and friends in East Anglia. Yet their sins may have been equaled by the phony hearings conducted at Penn State and in the United Kingdom that ignored nearly all of the evidence except that presented by the guys on the griddle. No wonder the world is laughing!

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Risking lives and property to promote climate change hype

Australian climate professor Chris Turney put the lives of his fellow scientists and a host of Russian seamen at risk by his foolish attempt to "prove" that manmade global warming is destroying the East Antarctic ice sheet. But he is hardly the first arrogant fool to have to be rescued from a botched global warming stunt. Yet Turney and his fellows can point fingers to their colleagues at the EPA and the UN's IPCC as co-conspirators in their doomed adventures. We need to stand up and stop funding this nonsense before someone really gets hurt.

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Yea! The overheated climate crisis debate is settled.

The crashing end to the global warmiing debate came recently, with the admission by the UN IPCC that there is a glaring disconnect between their climate model projections and observed real-world trends: Everyone now agrees (or admits) that the Earth has not been warming for the past 16 years. And yet, the same IPCC still makes outrageous claims (read bald-faced lies!) in its Fifth Assessment Report that every major natural weather event is extremely massive because of global warming.

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A climate of fear, cash, and correctitude

With their heads in the sand, University of Nebraska scientists (sic) are refusing to accept state money to focus on natural causes of climate variation. Driessen and Mitchell suggst they dare not tread far away from the "settled science" that the ONLY notable cause of climate change is human activity -- for fear of getting thrown off the federal government's gravy train. After all, the forebears of today's politicians found Galileo guilty of heresy.

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What really triggers a resource crisis?

Throughout history, the key resource crises have always been first about food security. The folly of fearing a warmer Earth belies the fact that all of the past crises have come at a time of global cooling that shortened growing seasons and reduced crop yields. Today, just as it is folly to fear manmade global warming, it is foolish to use corn as

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Fuel loads — not climate change — are making Australia’s bushfires more severe

While Al Gore and UN climate chief Christina Figueres insist that Austalia's repeal of its oppressive carbon tax is somehow linked to recent forest fires there, the truth -- as documented by CFACT Advisor Dr. David Evans -- is that UN-style forest management policies have left heavy fuel load (fallen trees and brush traditionally harvested by locals -- a practice now forbidden) is the major contributor to these fires being hotter and lasting longer.

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