UN Climate Change Conference in Warsaw, Poland – 2013

Lies my President told me

We all know the President lied (or, more favorably, "misspoke") when he said, "If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. Period." We know the Administration totally fabricated the story that a silly YouTube video was the reason four Americans died in BenGhazi. So why should we be surprised as real-world data and the uncovering of official mischief demonstrate that the "global warming" (or "climate change") hysteria was built on lies and that the real intent was to create a cause celebre for redistributing the world's wealth?

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COP 19: The Left walks out on the climate talks

Denied instant gratification of their global warming dreams of redistribution, up to 800 members of extreme enviro-left nongovernmental organizations walked out of COP 19, the UN climate summit in Warsaw, Poland. The Left may have left the stadium, but are still very much in the game.

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UN climate conference collapsing

The UN's duplicitous attempt to use fear of climate change as a springboard to amassing unprecedented new power has by now been fully exposed, and the UN did it to themselves, in part by choosing Warsaw, Poland, as the site of the COP 19 shenanigans. CFACT President David Rothbard was loudly cheered by Poles as he exposed the real intentions of the UN, and the fallout continues.

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WALKOUT! 132 nations led by China walk out of COP 19 over “loss and damage”

China has led a COP 19 walkout by a bloc of 132 developing nations over the "loss and damage," issue bringing one track of the UN climate change summit to a screeching halt. Loss and damage refers to the concept of legal liability on the part of developed nations for natural disasters and other problems experienced by developing nations.  Extensive CFACT coverage of loss and damage here. The hunger strike by Philippine negotiator Yeb Sano over Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda has continued through its tenth day.  Sano's hunger strike has been the most dramatic moment of these negotiations.  Climate campaigners have seized upon [...]

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Australia’s John Howard: One religion is enough

In his recent lecture before The Global Warming Foundation in London, former Australian Prime Minister John Howard addresses the "sanctimonious tone" of many to whom global warming has become a "substitute religion." An overriding feature of the debate, he notes, is the constant attempt to intimidate policy makers into following the party line that "the science is settled," when it is not. Rather than try to limit growth, Howard said, economists need to recognize that the world will have up to 2.2 billion new middle class consumers by 2030, and we need to provide goods and services for this emergent class.

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