• The Light Brigade shines at the shivering blackout rally

    Some observations from the “Forward on Climate” Rally: At least a dozen protesters we met were proudly pro-blackout. We wore shirts with the equation “Anti-Fossil + Anti-Nuclear = Pro-Blackout.” While we were preparing, at least a dozen protestors unthinkingly tried to buy the shirts condemning their position. But thinking was not the order of the day.

  • CFACT takes on UN climate summit in Qatar

    CFACT is headed to the Arabian Peninsula — to Doha, Qatar, for COP18, the UN Conference on Climate Change. The Obama administration is set to begin its first major UN climate negotiation since reelection. EPA already has crippling regulations lined up and ready to go to give the UN’s climate campaigners by administrative fiat what they could not achieve through the open legislative process. The main threat is that Obama will cut side deals and agreements in Qatar and then bypass Congress and its vexing checks, balances and democratic process.

    Is there any limit to Presiden Obama’s renewed hubris? Would he, could he dare to use this Qatar conference to set the stage to bind the United States to a full-blown UN climate treaty and then use brinksmanship to push it through this Senate, or the next?

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