'Extinction crisis' speciously targets free markets
You didn’t really create another new crisis. Capitalism didn’t either.
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2005, 2019

Environmental myths

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Eco-radicals have never been right, and never will be, because their message is based on political agendas rather than sound science.

1905, 2019

The facts on drought

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Occasional extreme weather emergencies can be devastating, but are also historically normal. 

205, 2019

Taking a great city down

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NYC plans to effectively bans skyscrapers and hot dogs and triple the price of energy. What if Wall Street shrugs?

3004, 2019

The ice melt myth

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Antarctica is the coldest place on Earth. The temperature would have to rise 54 degrees Fahrenheit to meaningfully start it melting.

2904, 2019

How to break Australia’s backbone

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Every day, vested interests, toxic environmentalists and green alarmists (often foreign-funded or tax-exempted) are using every worry they can discover or invent to break the backbone of Australia.