Are more hurricanes hitting Florida? The data unequivocally shows the Answer is No

There’s been no increase in the number of major hurricane hitting Florida. The number of days between major hurricane landfalls in Florida increased. “[S]till no trend in either intensity or frequency of strikes over the last 118 years,” one scientist wrote.

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Climate alarmists exploiting hurricanes are misguided

CFACT policy advisor Larry Bell refutes the claims of alarmist activists that hurricanes Harvey and Irma were "enhanced" as a result of climate change -- and shows that the same alarmists had made the same statements in prior years regarding prior hurricanes -- and then there was a 12-year lull.

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No, hurricanes aren’t more frequent or severe

After all was said and done, neither Harvey nor Irma was the "worst" hurricane ever to hit the U.S. CFACT advisor Larry Bell recounts over a century's information on hurricanes in the Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, and Caribbean Sea, noting that hurricane damages are al;ways catastrophic for those whose lives are uprooted by them.

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The Hurricane Harvey hustle

CFACT Senior Policy Analyst Paul Driessen quotes multiple climate scientists who explain that high-rainfall tropical storms have battered the Texas coast (and Florida) for generations of recorded history (and likely long before). Thus, the efforts to tie Hurricane Harvey to "climate change" are "disgraceful" -- and ignore the reality that Houston was built on impermeable clays and reclaimed swamp lands with a history of subsidence.

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Will climate alarmism abate as disaster fails to materialize?

CFACT advisor Larry Bell asks the rhetorical question -- Will the climate fanatics tone down their rhetoric given the lack of evidence of climate catastrophe? Indeed, though nearly every single fear-filled prediction of theirs has failed to occur, they will not be shamed into silence as long as the worldwide "science" community enjoys the financial benefits of parroting the party line.

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Global warming hurricane influence is overblown

No one should dispute the fact that hurricanes rank among our planet’s most terrifying and devastating natural disasters or that they are influenced by that enigmatically complex phenomena collectively referred to as “climate." Hurricane Matthew, which resulted in the tragic deaths of an estimated 34 people in the U.S., more than 500 in impoverished Haiti, and many billions of dollars of property and business losses, was clearly no exception. Climate changes and hurricanes began occurring long before the Industrial Revolution introduced smokestacks and SUVs. Sadly, and despite all best efforts of Al Gore, the United Nations, President Obama, and the EPA [...]

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