Brown fiddled while California burned

Historians have found no conclusive evidence that the Emperor Nero was playing his lyre during Rome's great fire. He wasn't even in the city. Future historians will have no problem documenting that Governor Brown and the Greens chose ideology over effective forest management, fire fighting and prevention.

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California’s fires not climate

Governor Brown, if you are still searching for the anthropogenic link to California's tragic fires, we expect somewhere in the governor's mansion there’s probably a mirror.

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Scientist calls out media ‘misinformation’ on wildfires and global warming

“The bottom line of the real fire data produced by the State of California and in the peer-reviewed literature is clear: there has been no upward trend in the number of wildfires in California during the past decades,” Mass wrote on his blog. “In fact, the frequency of fires has declined,” he wrote. “And in most of the state, there has not been an increasing trend in area burned during the past several decades.”

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Forestry regulations ignite more California wildfires

CFACT policy advisor Larry Bell reports on the disastrous mismanagement of America's Western forests by federal officials and the tremendous cost in human and plant and animal life and quality of life these policies have fostered. As Rep. Tom McClintock says, "These laws have not only failed to improve our forest environment, but they are literally killing our forests."

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Fires far worse last century

Global warming campaigners want us to believe that history started yesterday; the better for them to "cherry pick" the starting point of a data series to create the false impression that natural phenomena are worse today than in the past. Their claims don't survive fact checking.

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The report of 2013 United States wildfires is “greatly exaggerated”

President Obama and the mainstream media are flat-out lying about wildfires in 2013. His brand-new executive order, Prearing the United States for the Impacts of Climate Change, addresses an increase in wildfires -- but the number of wildfires in the U.S. through November 1 is the lowest in a decade, down 20% from the 2012 totals, and less than half the number and half the acreage burned as in 2006. What else are they lying about?

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