Science! GMO’s are not the problem, they’re the answer!

On September 13, 2019 Cameron English posted the article, GMO, CRISPR-edited crops can cut pesticide use—if environmental activists do not block them. He explained that in 2017, the University of Florida plant geneticists Zhonglin Mou and Kevin Folta, announced a new method to fight common diseases in fruit plants. Their discovery could drastically reduce the use of fungicides if widely implemented by growers. Unfortunately, their methods may never be put to use as a result of the unwarranted controversy surrounding crop biotechnology. Scientists continue to make agriculture safer and more sustainable with the tools of modern genetics, but activists have waged [...]

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Showering with soap … made from straw?

Using biotechnology, scientists at the University of Portsmouth, along with other colleges in India, have developed a way to create a “bio-surfactant” by brewing rice straw with enzymes. Lather up!

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The International Space Station turns 20

As the International Space Station turns twenty, read President Reagan's speech "directing NASA to develop a permanently manned space station and to do it within a decade."

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